Freedom From The Curses Of Women


Most men today are living with one curse or the other from women. There is hardly any man living that has not been cursed by one woman or the in his life time. Note that if a curse is upon any man’s life, without being broken and canceled from the life of the man, he will never fulfill his destiny. Curse is a destiny changer, and funny enough most men do not believe in the existence or power of curses. Destinies of many men today have been changed and diverted due to curses received from women in the past. Before I proceed, it is good to throw a little light on the meaning of Curse and Freedom to buttress the point to be made in this write up.

A curse is a negative pronouncement that is backed up by satanic anointing to make it come to pass. It is the use of negative words as punishment for some one’s negative actions or deeds. It can also be seen as the other side of blessing, that is to say the opposite of blessing. Curse is an instrument of punishment and destruction. curse breaker It can also be seen as a negative form of prayer to afflict one’s life.

Freedom is a state of not being enslaved or held bound in bondage. It can also be seen as a state of being at liberty, not impeded or held by any power or force.


There are many reasons why a woman can issue curse on a man. Some of these reasons include;

o When they feel Jilted: If a woman feels that she has been used by a man and dumped, she can issue a curse to the man as a measure to get back at the man.

o When she feels maltreated: Many women have issued curses to men because of the ways they were maltreated by these men.

o When they are abused: Most women have been abused mostly sexually by some men. Most women were raped when they were younger and even at their youthful ages. A woman can curse a man when she is abused.

o When she feels cheated: Most wives have cursed their husbands knowingly and unknowingly when they feel their husbands are cheating on them.

o Generally women issue curses to men as a punishment for any offence they feel men committed against them. They are the weaker sex and can’t engage men in physical fight, so in most cases the resort to curses.


There are different types of curses issued to men by women. These curses are as follows;

o Pronounced Curses: These are curses the woman places on a man verbally or vocally. A man cancelled his wedding with his fiancée a day to the wedding day for no just cause. The woman looked at him and told him that he will never prosper and no woman will ever live with him. He thought it was a joke. Evil demons carried the curse and enforced it. The man married many times and none of the women is living with him today and his life was turned upside down.

o Unpronounced Curses: These are curses that women issue unconsciously. In most cases they don’t come out to say this or this will happen to you, but with that anger in them, they may just say, “You did this to me eh, you will see”. Especially if the man has really wronged the woman, a curse is already upon his life.

o Unknown curses: Another type of curse that follows men from women is the unknown curse. The bible says that the sins of the father shall be visited upon the children, even to the third generation. Most men today are suffering from unknown curses from their forefathers. Most of our forefathers were rapists, and they killed many men to take over their wives. They also did worse things than that and curses were issued to them by those women. Such curses are transferred from one generation to the other. Unless a man has discerning spirit and finds out and breaks such curse, he will never fulfill his destiny.

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