Brought spectacular sunsets and heartbeats


The year 2019 brought with it memorable travel experiences, stunning sunsets, a wide variety of accommodation experiences, and numerous encounters with cordial people. The year also accommodated surprising twists and turns, and no other pulsations were avoided. However, one can already laugh afterward in this way, even though in the situation itself, the smile was lost and the verbal expressions mostly in an unpublishable category.

Now that the year is turning into a new one, it’s a good time to reminisce about the most memorable moments of tourism in 2017, and you can find their own stories on all of these experiences on the blog. It is good to continue from this towards the new year and new travel experiences!


The January cruise in the Gulf and Gulf of Oman brought with it a huge number of memorable moments to remember for years to come. The cruise itself was an experience for us first-timers. Still, we experienced the most unforgettable moments of the trip to the magnificent cruise ports of the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Qatar.

You can read about our experience on the cruise MSC Fantasia on the route Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – Muscat, Oman – Khasab Musandam, Oman – Doha, Qatar – Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai and the UAE can be found in a lot of stuff in here.

During the cruise stops, we had time to see a lot, and many of the places we experienced would deserve to be mentioned as the most memorable travel experience. Of all these, however, it was the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi that really stopped with its beauty, lifting the skin to the chicken.

A lot over the years, I have seen and experienced, but this front, I could not more than henkäilemään how are handcrafted and natural materials, this building holds. The feeling created by the incredible beauty of the mosque is tough to describe – you just have to experience it for yourself.


We toured Muscat, the capital of Oman, with a local driver who turned out to be a wonderfully cordial family father. During his hours in Greater Muscat. He told a lot about his family and their daily lives, as well as about life in Oman on a more general level and about Muscat as a city. When we parted, it felt like we had felt for years, and longingly, he still gave his contact information, asking him to communicate news about Finland, which was quite exotic for him. The Omani people are not to be praised as hospitable and kind, as this man showed during our day together – genuinely.


During the year, we had time to stay in dozens of hotels and apartments, some of which have also had time to be presented on the blog.

Those who followed our travels during 2017 may remember our Dubai apartment in Pearl Marina, where the wind whistled in the corners, and the rhythm orchestra of the adjacent construction site accompanied it. Do you also remember our summer cruise that ended in jail? Or, more specifically, the former Kakola Prison Hospital, where we literally stayed in stone in a unique Forenom apartment, renovated respecting the building’s history. The modern apartments are comfortable, but the insulated cells left on each floor, as well as newspaper clippings telling a harsh story, remind us that this has not always been the case.

You can find our experience in ForenomKakolanmäki here.

This experience, too, was quite in a class of its own, as I had never signed liability agreements when I arrived at the hotel, even if there were five rows of stars on the roof. And by the way, no crown jewel in this hotel should, therefore, have been protected until the last. Did I remember mentioning that even bringing your own bottle of WATER into the room was forbidden, as I did with many other smart rules?

Stars four, the actual level a maximum of three, the mattress and pillows as flexible as the hotel rules, but the Germans liked. This experience was, for a long time, a memory that reality is not always what the Website promises. And when I looked at the pictures, I initially dreamed of a five-day holiday at Hotel Pedraladda, but luckily my mind changed. The view of Castelsardo was beautiful, after all, as was the young man of Respa as a civilian..

However, the trophy of the most unforgettable accommodation of the year went to Rose Rayha by Rotana in Dubai, where we were surprisedly speeded up from the base room to the 62nd-floor suite for the same price!

However, at first, I wasn’t quite sure if this was good luck, because I was putting a huge high place scare already on the kitchen stool. But curiosity won because such an opportunity cannot be missed. And one can take some views of the Burj Khalifa, which made it worth reversing its high-ranking dread – at least for a moment.

You can read our experience of the suite with stunning views in Rose Rayha by Rotana here.


During the year, there was enough heartbeat for excitement, admiration, and surprises. Still, the hardest pulse was caused by the cancellation of the Bonifacio ferry service, which made it look like we are helplessly stuck in Corsica for the next three days, and the flight from Sardinia would leave in two days. The situation produced such an imprintable text for the signatory that it should only be said loudly that the heart rate rose. But the end well, all well, when a larger ferry from Porto Vecchio on the other side of Corsica was able to operate the next morning. The boat set off a couple of hours late, and the trip on the not-so-comfortable ferry went with a swing, but most importantly, we made it as long as we got on the flight.

All the writings of the Corsican tour can be found here.


The year has accommodated a wide range of surprising twists and turns, and the happiest surprise of these was the non-planned stop on the Qatar capital, Doha, to which I had long dreamed of traveling. We had time to explore both new and old Doha during the day, and the city ignited such a spark that future travel plans include another trip to Doha!

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