The Hathors

Note: As probably goes without saying, the Hathors are a part of our Universal Family, otherwise known as the Company of Heaven.

I was interested in channeling for a very long time, and when you hover over “The Hathors” in “Our Universal Family” you’ll find a second dropdown menu of the messages I channeled from them.

The Hathors, as described in Tom Kenyon’s material about them, are an “interdimensional” and intergalactic collective of travelers who first made their way to our Universe by way of Sirius, a planet they describe through Tom Kenyon as a port for Universal travel in Tom and Virginia Essene’s book, “The Hathor Material”. (1), (2)

It’s said that they then made their way to the etheric realms of Venus from Sirius. The Hathors are a unique interdimensional group of Universal travelers, explorers and assistors indeed, and are aiding in the Company of Heaven’s goal to help the Earth ascend.

The Hathor collective I’ve opened up to refer to themselves as The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes. This is due to the fact that they’ve temporarily stationed themselves in purer planes of the Earth for the purpose of assisting humanity along our ascension.

The roles that the Hathor collective who speaks through me play are those of funneling down the energy that creates and sustains our realities through various energy gates and through the chakras we each possess within, as well as funneling their personal vibration down and communicating with humanity through willing scribes.

I can’t say if the Hathor collective who speaks through me is channeled by anyone else, but the most notable Hathor channelings come, in my opinion, from Tom Kenyon.

Overall, the Hathors seem to be known for energy work and work with sound tones for the purposes of healing and helping humans reach purer states of consciousness. When speaking through me, they speak of specific aspects of the process of funneling our reality-creating energies down in increasingly-pure intervals as they offer advice to help us adjust to the latest important celestial alignments and events.

They seem particularly keen on letting us know when we’ve passed through important alignments, and overall, they seek to help us understand the energetics driving our reality and the very real energy work we can perform.

Tom Kenyon’s mentioned that he was first introduced to the Hathor collective he channels by way of meditation, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t discuss my initial experience with the Hathors.

I can remember that this was a time when I’d just started getting into the idea of etheric (astral) travel. I’d particularly become open to the idea of visualization and imagination as adequate astral travel, which I discuss in Spiritual Evolution, and can remember myself visualizing and existing on top of the roof of my childhood home.

With the most wonderful visualized viewpoint, I was sitting on the top of my roof and viewing the wide landscape before me, looking out at my old back yard and enjoying the perspective I was able to have.

The next part of this experience may sound a bit bizarre, but such seems to be the nature of many higher-dimensional encounters. What happened next certainly wasn’t my doing!

As I sat on the roof of my childhood home, I actually felt the house I was sitting on top of begin to ascend. It started to float up into the air, and as this happened, I can remember attempting to mentally will the house back down where it was supposed to be.

Doing so seemed fruitless, and I eventually learned to go with the flow and enjoy wherever this etheric experience was about to take me. Letting my home float where it desired, I actually found myself floating up away from the Earth and into space.

In this etheric representation of space existed a collective of very tall, transparent beings who seemed to look like men. They likely looked this way because they were representing themselves to me in a form I’d understand, and I can remember the initial connection with them was very strong.

I very much enjoyed the experience of floating up into astral space and meeting this collective during meditation, and after the experience I asked to receive as clear of an impression as possible as to who these beings were – where they fit into the Company of Heaven.

I received the two labels “Hathors” and “Earth’s Solar Astral Planes” and put two and two together. After this initial experience, connection with them was wonderful and uninhibited and to this day I find myself channeling information from them about their collective and the energetic role they play from their positions in the purer realms of the Earth.

Having chatted with this collective quite a few times, I can say with happiness that they too possess so much love for humanity and have much to offer us in the way of wisdom, insight and knowledge about myriad different subjects.

Numerous readers have thanked the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes for the flowing messages they’ve written through me, and in the dropdown pages you can access by highlighting the “Hathors” option in the top menu of this site with your cursor, you’ll find those messages.

It’s hoped that they’re beneficial to you along your ascension path, as is so with every other channeled or written message offered on here and so many other ascension-related blog sites.


(1)- “Tom Kenyon: Who are the Hathors?” at:

(2)- Link to purchase Tom and Virginia’s book, “The Hathor Material”:

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  1. As I promised, here it is, Wes! In Love and Light!

  2. Are these friends the same fellows of this website:

    • I do not believe they are, but I could be wrong. I certainly wish to take no credit channeling beings whom are already being channeled. They have come to me in the manner described in this article, and any connections to Tom Kenyon or the Hathors he channels, simply displays in my opinion the inter-connectedness of all Life.

      Much Love :)

  3. Right, does not matter who takes the credit. I have read very helpful things in Tom Kenyon website as well as in this one so thank you to both of you and to the Hathors, either non-related or the same or whatever. You are all beings of light and I am grateful for the opportunity to get your messages and your teachings. Thank you!

    • Thank you dear friend, without the supporting energies of wonderful souls such as yourself, we would have no energetic foundation with which to do our work through :)

      Much Love :)

  4. winny dijkstra

    Dear Wes, I am winny from Holland (the Netherlands) I am translating your first message from the Hathors into Ductch. I know Tom Kenyon who is communicatiing with the Hathors, but I don’t know what plane they are on.
    It is …. or com, don’t know now.
    He gives very good meditations and advises for this time. They do, of course!
    winny with love

  5. I have read some channelled messages from Hathors from Not sure they are the same Hathors.

  6. Hey, could you maybe do a little tutorial for astral projection and traveling? You seem to be really good at it

    Love and peace to you :D

  7. Lieve Op de Beeck

    Tom Kenyon is channeling The Hathors for quite some time!

  8. This is amazing ~ They are here !

  9. Tom Kenyon and if you google “ebooks hathors” you will find a similar channeler on the Hathors however in Dutch. All clear Hathor messages who seem to pick several channelers as their message is important to be heard right now by as many as possible. So listen to them and please translate for us. we are happy to hear them.

  10. July 5, 2013
    A few weeks ago I had a dreamstate meditation experience that I would like to share with you. This site has much energy and information regarding Hathors of which I believe I connect with.
    The experience was that I was facing an ancient Egyptian paramid, standing in the sand. I could tell that my skin was a pasty type of white. My ears were a pointed form and I was wearing gold jewelery around my wrist and neck. My face was shadowed so I couldn’t tell what I looked like with exactness yet I felt Egyptian. The next scenerio, I was inside, seated within the paramid in a circle with about 9 or 12 other entities. Together we were beamed up through the paramid aboard a spacecraft. All I remember of the spacecraft was the cockpit area.

    Since this experience, I have searched online regarding Ancient Egypt, spacecrafts and Hathors that I previously knew little or nothing about. My awakening began in January of this year and the info is coming to me, yet slowly. Whenever I think about galactic family, my insides and heart want to burst open in song!

    A connection with the Hathors seems to be very soon to me. It also feels that my “Beloved” is waiting.

    Thank you for all the wonderful information that is offered here within this website!
    Is there any volunteer service that I may be of help with?
    I am perfectly positioned in my life right now to be with like minded people and serving Mother Earth. Re-locating is also possible. ‘ I’m in ‘ (and open) when needed.
    Any thoughts?

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