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Steve Beckow: The End of Separation – Part 3/3

Love 456Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

Matthew Ward – St. Matthew – told us as far back as 2008 how to escape the felt sense of isolation.

“Know that there is no separation between you and God or with all other souls in this universe.

“Trust your intuition, the messages from your soul to your consciousness.

“Let the love in your soul radiate out to the universe.” (1)

Separation from Source is, and always has been, impossible, Jesus tells us. Read the rest of this entry

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Steve Beckow: The End of Separation – Part 2/3

Merkaba 22Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

Many layers and levels of separation are ending now with the Tsunami of Love, itself a prelude to Ascension, which is fast approaching.

Moreover Ascension is not the end of the process of transcendence. Once Ascension has been achieved, a further process will see those of us who have come from higher dimensions take up again our original forms, at which time we’ll have the opportunity to remain as way showers and gatekeepers or return to our native settings, as the Divine Director discusses.

“Then you will have the choice to move onto even higher planes of consciousness or to remain behind as a gatekeeper and way shower to those who come behind you. Such is the journey ahead for all; when that transition point is reached is up to the individual.” (1)

One level of mergence that’s transpiring is the mergence of our lower-dimensional bodies with our body of light or Merkaba (Mer – Light, Ka – Spirit, Ba – Body). Read the rest of this entry

Steve Beckow: Archangel Gabrielle’s Plan of Containment

archangel gabrielWritten by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

I was asked recently why, in the call to end gender persecution (1) and subsequent articles, I didn’t mention Archangel Gabrielle’s proposal.

AAG asked us to place men who persecute women into the light box she’s created and which I’ll describe again below.

Such an action is not at all harmful to the people concerned, and, according to Archangel Michael, is the quickest and most effective way to stop the harm being done to women globally.

The reason I didn’t is that those articles were intended to go to a much wider readership than just lightworkers who follow the channeled messages. Read the rest of this entry

Steve Beckow: The Answer for Me is Love

Waves of Love 44Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

This is such a rugged time for me. Everything incomplete is coming up. And some of you tell me it’s the same for you.

Whether it’s a trough in the waves of love or an intensified energy that draws all incompletions out of me, it’s painful, deep, unbearable.

I’m going through existential loneliness and I know it’s caused by seeing myself as separate from God.

I think all loneliness comes from that. It’s the chief cause, the head vampire of existential loneliness.

We try to fill this yawning chasm of emptiness with sports cars and speedboats and vacations.  But nothing fills it. It can only be filled with God.

If I want to be free of this deep, existential loneliness, I have to end the charade of separation once and for all. Read the rest of this entry

Steve Beckow: I am Responsible for the State of My World

Earth 345Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

When we contemplate building Nova Earth, when we consider how it is that we’ll go about transforming the world’s unworkability into workability, (1) immediately what arises for us are all the barriers to completing that task.

The barriers are well known to us. They include the thought that it’s impossible, that we don’t know what to do, that there are no solutions on a global scale, that nobody cares. On and on the thoughts go that have us falter and refuse to take up the task at hand.

Let me address why much of this confusion exists among us.

We’re emerging from an era in which many people in power did not have the world’s welfare at heart. They were often motivated by a hunger for power and a greed for money. They looked at anyone not of their circle as “useless eaters.” Read the rest of this entry

Steve Beckow: The Extent of Hunger in Our World

Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

Folks, I’d like to begin focusing on areas of the world’s unworkability that must be addressed if we’re to build Nova Earth.

The material below is taken from a Hunger Project presentation. The Hunger Project was begun by Werner Erhard to end world hunger. It was in the beginning an educational project, but I see in more recent times it has begun providing actual technological and financial assistance.

The Hunger Project would be an example of an organization where targeted or strategic gifting would have good impact.

For some of us, our work will begin with the announcement of the Reval. At a future date I’ll be discussing strategic gifting, channeling funds to make the maximum difference in the world. Here I’d like to begin to lay out the extent of the work that faces us, in the next phase of things. Read the rest of this entry

Steve Beckow: The Firm Foundation of the Self

Meditation22Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

Under the impact of the subtle waves of love, I’m feeling drawn inward.

I absolutely understand the necessity of starting with one’s Self if one wishes to extend unity and love outward.

If that’s one’s aim, there doesn’t seem to be an alternative to establishing the firm foundation of loving all parts of ourselves, it seems to me.

Certainly, we know the Self to be the object of all spiritual paths. Our ultimate assignment is to know ourselves, as masters have said throughout the ages. Knowing our Self, we see that we’re none other than God – all of us. Since God is everything there is, not one of us could possibly be other than the One God. Read the rest of this entry

Steve Beckow: Back from Vacation

What Did I Miss?Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

Last week I fell into a malaise because I felt I had waited and waited to see the unworkable conditions in our world lift and yet they seemed to continue.

I felt that I had to make up for lost time and actually do something to kick-start my own personal part in rebuilding Nova Earth.

What I chose to do was to issue a global call to end gender persecution on the planet by Jan. 1, 2015 and labor to turn a major condition of the world’s unworkability into workability.

For me, there’s no other condition of global unworkability that’s more tragic and intolerable than what men do to women. Read the rest of this entry

Steve Beckow: About the Call

women 67

Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

Let me explain what I’m doing in the article above this one.

Unless someone puts out a call, some things never happen.  If we wait for gender persecution to end under its own steam, well, of course it will, given the events that we know about. But then maybe those events won’t come sooner than the deadline. I don’t know.

Moreover, unless someone fixes a deadline to a society-wide project, as I said in earlier articles, (1) it isn’t easy to coordinate social action. So I’m putting out the call now and fixing a deadline.

And I can’t stand myself waiting any longer. We’ve waited and waited for so many things that it seems to me time to take things into our own hands.

I don’t want to put the matters I discuss here into the declaration because I’d like the declaration to be clean and to the point. So let me say these matters here.

I’m a man and I’m not sure how central a role I can or should play in this endeavor. For the most part, in the beginning, I’ll simply hold the space for the work’s completion and write articles as the need arises.

Later, I can envision myself playing a larger, if indirect, role, but it isn’t the time for me to  be discussing that yet.

For this plan to succeed it’ll require all of us taking up the call and instituting the actions. I firmly believe that there’ll be money soon from the Global Currency Reset to support all manner of concerted effort.

What might that effort be? Well, one arm of that effort will undoubtedly be legal action. I foresee financial support to take individuals and governments to court.

Where the law of the land is complicit in such things as honor killings or dowry deaths, the action may have to be taken to the World Court in the Hague. Or the government itself may need to be taken to the World Court. I foresee there being money to do so if things go the way we expect.

Clearly, taking individuals and governments to court is not win/win. There are some actions that we’ll need to take in the beginning that demonstrate our will and actually place us in an adversarial position when the lives or wellbeing of women are at risk. But the overall effort and outcomes still needs to be cast in a win/win context or residue will result that will simply lead to more conflict.

Women’s organizations around the world need to be funded to extend their work. Conferences need to be held.  Consciousness raising needs to proceed. Worldwide education campaigns need to be run to explain why the abuse and persecution of women can no longer be tolerated.

There’s much work to do. But you know that I’ve been asked to remain a writer and not involve myself overly much in any campaign or activity. It’s a hard act to manage but I need to do so nonetheless.

So the call is the occasion. We now need to rise to that occasion if we care about our world, men as well as women.  Good luck to us all.


(1) “The Principles of Largescale Employment Projects – Part 1/2″ at and “The Principles of Largescale Employment Projects – Part 2/2″ at


Steve Beckow: “I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take It Any More”


Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

Photo: “Howard Beale” (Peter Finch) in Network: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!”

Perhaps many of us remember the scene in the movie Network where Howard Beale says that he’s mad as hell and he isn’t going to take it any more.

Well, I declare that I’m mad as hell at myself for playing as small as I have and am not going to take it from myself any more either.

I’m mad at myself for waiting three years for the arrival of Pre-NESARAS funds first and now for the arrival of the Reval, without really getting to work.  I’m mad at myself for postponing all that time global work to end the world’s unworkability.  I’m mad at myself for waiting for someone else to lead.

Tomorrow all that ends. I’ll be calling for the end of a piece of the world’s unworkabilty. That finishes forever my playing as small as I’ve been. I apologize to all who were present at the noisy birth of this resolve in myself, which may have hurt and been hard to take.

Anger rose in me at myself for playing as small as I am. I could not stand myself for not taking on something large enough that it invoked me.

My anger jettisoned me from a position of playing small, to a position of playing large, resolved to take action on a global scale, instead of just remaining angry at the state of my world.

I don’t recommend using anger to propel yourself to a higher level of commitment. It leaves a lot of hurt and karma.  My days of using anger to break my bonds are over.

We’ve been dumbed down in so many ways, through food additives, chemtrails, and subliminal TV messages and our fears have been played upon by weather warfare, regional conflict, police states, secret surveillance, planned unemployment, a debt-based economy, the ending of pension plans, benefit plans, etc. I do understand that.

But even if I am dumbed down and holding back, I cannot live in this state of paralysis any more.

I refuse to be afraid of looking stupid, seeming grandiose, or losing friends. I won’t be swayed by how many readers read the blog or leave the blog.

I will not be dissuaded by considerations of prudence or fears for the future.  I will no longer tolerate in myself watching this planet suffer the way it does without my taking action.

I will not be dissuaded by threats or actions taken by people who’ve in the past wanted to keep humanity in subjugation, debt and want.  I declare the injustice of these actions and I will no longer abide them.  I invite anyone who has acted that way to lay aside their plans and  join me in what I propose tomorrow.

I’m not interested in blaming anyone, creating more unworkability by my actions, or targeting any group that may have, wittingly or unwittingly, contributed to the vast suffering that exists in our world today. I target only the conditions of unworkability themselves.

I do not accept that we don’t have the solutions or the means at hand to transform this world. We do and it’s time for me – and for all of us, I think – to take committed action.

When we commit ourselves to a global action, whatever that goal may be, while we’re initially the source and cause of it, within moments we can scare the wits out of ourselves at our own seeming audacity and bravado.

I may go crazy for a while out of being this audacious myself. But the prospect of playing small in my world even a day longer while people are hurting and dying from persecution, poverty and hunger – to choose from a longer list) is no longer an option. Hence I am angry at myself for each day that passes while I wait and remain idle.

Yesterday was the last day of my life on which I allowed myself to play small. I will grow in ways I need to grow, open to love, and committed to global workability.



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