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Steve Beckow: Back from Vacation

What Did I Miss?Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

Last week I fell into a malaise because I felt I had waited and waited to see the unworkable conditions in our world lift and yet they seemed to continue.

I felt that I had to make up for lost time and actually do something to kick-start my own personal part in rebuilding Nova Earth.

What I chose to do was to issue a global call to end gender persecution on the planet by Jan. 1, 2015 and labor to turn a major condition of the world’s unworkability into workability.

For me, there’s no other condition of global unworkability that’s more tragic and intolerable than what men do to women. Read the rest of this entry

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Steve Beckow: About the Call

women 67

Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

Let me explain what I’m doing in the article above this one.

Unless someone puts out a call, some things never happen.  If we wait for gender persecution to end under its own steam, well, of course it will, given the events that we know about. But then maybe those events won’t come sooner than the deadline. I don’t know.

Moreover, unless someone fixes a deadline to a society-wide project, as I said in earlier articles, (1) it isn’t easy to coordinate social action. So I’m putting out the call now and fixing a deadline.

And I can’t stand myself waiting any longer. We’ve waited and waited for so many things that it seems to me time to take things into our own hands.

I don’t want to put the matters I discuss here into the declaration because I’d like the declaration to be clean and to the point. So let me say these matters here.

I’m a man and I’m not sure how central a role I can or should play in this endeavor. For the most part, in the beginning, I’ll simply hold the space for the work’s completion and write articles as the need arises.

Later, I can envision myself playing a larger, if indirect, role, but it isn’t the time for me to  be discussing that yet.

For this plan to succeed it’ll require all of us taking up the call and instituting the actions. I firmly believe that there’ll be money soon from the Global Currency Reset to support all manner of concerted effort.

What might that effort be? Well, one arm of that effort will undoubtedly be legal action. I foresee financial support to take individuals and governments to court.

Where the law of the land is complicit in such things as honor killings or dowry deaths, the action may have to be taken to the World Court in the Hague. Or the government itself may need to be taken to the World Court. I foresee there being money to do so if things go the way we expect.

Clearly, taking individuals and governments to court is not win/win. There are some actions that we’ll need to take in the beginning that demonstrate our will and actually place us in an adversarial position when the lives or wellbeing of women are at risk. But the overall effort and outcomes still needs to be cast in a win/win context or residue will result that will simply lead to more conflict.

Women’s organizations around the world need to be funded to extend their work. Conferences need to be held.  Consciousness raising needs to proceed. Worldwide education campaigns need to be run to explain why the abuse and persecution of women can no longer be tolerated.

There’s much work to do. But you know that I’ve been asked to remain a writer and not involve myself overly much in any campaign or activity. It’s a hard act to manage but I need to do so nonetheless.

So the call is the occasion. We now need to rise to that occasion if we care about our world, men as well as women.  Good luck to us all.


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Steve Beckow: “I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take It Any More”


Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

Photo: “Howard Beale” (Peter Finch) in Network: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!”

Perhaps many of us remember the scene in the movie Network where Howard Beale says that he’s mad as hell and he isn’t going to take it any more.

Well, I declare that I’m mad as hell at myself for playing as small as I have and am not going to take it from myself any more either.

I’m mad at myself for waiting three years for the arrival of Pre-NESARAS funds first and now for the arrival of the Reval, without really getting to work.  I’m mad at myself for postponing all that time global work to end the world’s unworkability.  I’m mad at myself for waiting for someone else to lead.

Tomorrow all that ends. I’ll be calling for the end of a piece of the world’s unworkabilty. That finishes forever my playing as small as I’ve been. I apologize to all who were present at the noisy birth of this resolve in myself, which may have hurt and been hard to take.

Anger rose in me at myself for playing as small as I am. I could not stand myself for not taking on something large enough that it invoked me.

My anger jettisoned me from a position of playing small, to a position of playing large, resolved to take action on a global scale, instead of just remaining angry at the state of my world.

I don’t recommend using anger to propel yourself to a higher level of commitment. It leaves a lot of hurt and karma.  My days of using anger to break my bonds are over.

We’ve been dumbed down in so many ways, through food additives, chemtrails, and subliminal TV messages and our fears have been played upon by weather warfare, regional conflict, police states, secret surveillance, planned unemployment, a debt-based economy, the ending of pension plans, benefit plans, etc. I do understand that.

But even if I am dumbed down and holding back, I cannot live in this state of paralysis any more.

I refuse to be afraid of looking stupid, seeming grandiose, or losing friends. I won’t be swayed by how many readers read the blog or leave the blog.

I will not be dissuaded by considerations of prudence or fears for the future.  I will no longer tolerate in myself watching this planet suffer the way it does without my taking action.

I will not be dissuaded by threats or actions taken by people who’ve in the past wanted to keep humanity in subjugation, debt and want.  I declare the injustice of these actions and I will no longer abide them.  I invite anyone who has acted that way to lay aside their plans and  join me in what I propose tomorrow.

I’m not interested in blaming anyone, creating more unworkability by my actions, or targeting any group that may have, wittingly or unwittingly, contributed to the vast suffering that exists in our world today. I target only the conditions of unworkability themselves.

I do not accept that we don’t have the solutions or the means at hand to transform this world. We do and it’s time for me – and for all of us, I think – to take committed action.

When we commit ourselves to a global action, whatever that goal may be, while we’re initially the source and cause of it, within moments we can scare the wits out of ourselves at our own seeming audacity and bravado.

I may go crazy for a while out of being this audacious myself. But the prospect of playing small in my world even a day longer while people are hurting and dying from persecution, poverty and hunger – to choose from a longer list) is no longer an option. Hence I am angry at myself for each day that passes while I wait and remain idle.

Yesterday was the last day of my life on which I allowed myself to play small. I will grow in ways I need to grow, open to love, and committed to global workability.


The Challenges that Sacred Partners Can Face and Why They’re Important – Part 2/2

sacred union 44Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

Continuing yesterday’s discussion, (1) another pitfall that twin flames and sacred partners face is that the two partners may see the situation in a way that’s untrue, doesn’t work, and skews behavior.  This can lead to upsets and arguments, which kill passion.

One such way of seeing is seeking love from the outside, where it’s not, rather than from the inside, where it is.

Archangel Michael advises us not to make the mistake of locating our passion in the other, but to see that the passion is in us. Love, he pointed out to me in a personal reading, is inside us and arises from the inner Source. (2) Passion can only come from within, no matter what triggers it (a look, a glance, a smile) from without.

If we see passion as coming from an outside source, we leave ourselves in an untenable position. We can get frustrated and annoyed trying to cajole, manipulate, and demand love from another when the love we experience is really going to come from ourselves. We’re looking for love in the wrong place.

Was this not the subject of one of Bhagwan Rajneeh’s classic spiritual jokes?

A man saw his neighbor searching for a key underneath a streetlamp at night. “What are you looking for?” he asked. The neighbor said that he was searching for his key. “Where did you lose it?” the man asked. “Over there,” said the neighbor, pointing to a place fifty feet away. “Why search for it over here?” he asked. “Because there’s a streetlamp here,” he answered.

Seeking love and passion from someone else is like searching for a key where it’s not.

The fact that love (or God) lives in the heart is the secret meaning of what Krishna says here: “Fools pass blindly by the place of my dwelling [i.e., the heart] here in the human form, and of my majesty, they know nothing at all, who am the Lord, their soul.” (3)

If we want to “find” love/God, we have to seek it in our own heart, not in that of another. Otherwise, we end up knowing nothing about love or God.  Surely that’s the message of all spiritual advice to go inside and to seek the Kingdom of Heaven within.

Once we see that passion arises from within us, we can act responsibly and drop our victim stories and other numbers. If we don’t experience passion, it’s because we’re not creating it. It isn’t the fault of the other. No one did anything to us, but us.

Making sacred union work, one video commentator said, requires a great deal of maturity. (4) I’m going to paraphrase what he said in my own words.

He said that the two twins or partners need to call themselves on their numbers and quit responding from their vasanas and false beliefs. He asked them to commit and honor their commitments.

Those who couldn’t make it perhaps should end it, he said, instead of creating dysfunctional circumstances for everyone concerned when they started out wanting to create only functional.

That’s pretty hard-nosed compassion, I admit. But I don’t think there’s room any more for the kinds of strategies we used in the old Third – or for any strategies for that matter.

In the past we’ve gone from relationship to relationship. But I don’t think that’s what’s wanted and needed here.

What’s wanted and needed seems to be people willing to go through the stages of sacred partnership, which one video presentation called Awakening, Testing, Crisis, Running, Surrendering, Harmonizing, and Radiance. (5)

What’s wanted is the commitment to push through the barriers and obstacles to sacred union to demonstrate what it looks like when it works.


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Steve Beckow: The Challenges that Sacred Partners Can Face and Why They’re Important – Part 1/2

Sacred unions 55Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

Perhaps no generation in thousands of years has seen the rise of so many passionate sacred unions at one time as this one has and will.

I’ve been told that many people were born today with soul contracts to enter into twin-flame unions and sacred partnerships as a way of furthering the Mother’s Plan for the rise of unitive consciousness, culminating in Ascension.

Not only are they intended to model sacred union, but their energetic influence is said to be considerable.

I’m sure that many, and perhaps most, twin-flame and sacred-union partnerships will fulfill their mission to radiate love and harmony out into the world.

And, as a contribution to that outcome, I’d like to look at some predictable difficulties that can arise so that new sacred partners can know about them beforehand, not be panicked if they occur, and find ways through them to fulfillment.

Let’s begin by looking at where the sacred unions of today fit into the Divine Plan.

Archangel Michael has said that the Mother is proceeding by having us bond with our sacred selves first, then with sacred partners, and then with others in steadily-expanding circles until oneness or unitive consciousness prevails on the planet.

“The first union is with your sacred self, adhering, embracing, and, yes, celebrating the totality of your being. Acknowledging it, reveling in it, and allowing it to expand even further is the first step. …

“It is happening in terms of unions of friendships, of groups, of what we would call sacred partnerships or sacred unions. Even family members are beginning to recognize one another. But strangers across the lands, across the continents, are realizing, ‘I need to be working. I need to be talking. I need to be playing. I need to be in a form of relationship with that person, or with that group of people.’

“This is only going to intensify.” (1)

The Mother has said:

“The plan has always been one of union and reunion.  …

“It begins small and it continues to expand out. It is really a very simple plan. My plan is for the entire group of humanity to fall in love. … And it begins two by two.” (2)

Those of us who work for the success of the Plan have an interest in looking at how to make sacred unions work. Let’s look at some predictable obstacles here.

When two partners come together, the passion that arises may eclipse any relationship they’ve had before.  But when the passion subsides, as it probably does in all relationships after a time (the so-called “honeymoon period”), fear can set in.

According to interesting discussions on Youtube, (3)  when the passion begins to ebb, the partners can develop a fear that they’ll lose the tremendous love-bond they have. That can lead some to want to either control the other or else cave in and cater to their desires so they’ll stay.

What can result from this disappointing loss of passion is that one partner may run.  Apparently this is a more common pattern than we may think. The running partner may do so out of a fear of losing love, losing control or being swallowed up.

I myself am a runner and I know my pattern. If I reach a level of frustration over an issue that I can’t tolerate,  I feel fear, worry and irritation and create distance. If the frustration goes higher, I  suggest that it may be time for me to bow out.  And if it goes even further, I may actually run.

The largest part is my fear that I won’t be able to complete my mission as a writer. If I can’t do my work, that’s when the runner really rises in me.

The runner may be welcomed back. And run again. This pattern may repeat itself. Theirs may become an on again/off again relationship. That’s the bad news of running.

The good news is that the first loss by the two of their sacred relationship may wake them both up. They may now be ready to respond to each other with balance, wisdom, and maturity, having paid a heavy price once and not wanting to pay it again.

I have no doubt that the experience of passionate love is a foretaste of the higher life. But we have to know how to navigate these waters.

The pitfalls I’ve written about here may disappear in the Tsunami of Love. I don’t know. They’ll certainly be corrected in and by Ascension.  But the times can still be difficult in this intervening period. We’d all like to see us lose as few sacred partners as possible, which makes consdering this subject important.

Tomorrow we’ll look at another obstacle: seeking love where it’s not.


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Steve Beckow: Last-Minute Clearing

Dark Night 22Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

There may be some people who, as the Tsunami of Love gradually increases, are saying to themselves, well, I don’t feel loving, myself. If anything I’m having unpleasant feelings and a really rough go of it.

Yes, that’s very much to be expected for some people – myself included. I know that what’s arising in me has to do with incomplete events going back ten, twenty and thirty years ago.

The Tsunami may be bringing up everything that’s incomplete so let’s look at that factor in how we may feel

On March 27, 2014, Sue Lie’s Arcturians compared the last-minute clearing we’re doing to the “dark night of the soul” that St. John of the Cross described.

It’s actually a little different from what St. John was looking at. He was describing a state of darkness to the outside world, the senses, and the knowing capacity that occurred during the final stages of seeking “perfection,” (1) as he called it. Yes, we’re seeking the same state in Ascension, but we in no way have to pass through the rigor of aspirants in St. John’s day.

The Arcturians used the term to refer to a cleansing process we may be going through as a result of the high Tsunami vibrations raising our vasanas (reaction patterns) and false beliefs to the surface, to be let go of prior to Ascension.

“In order to complete the process of Ascension you must go through the dark night of the soul. …

“The dark night of the soul is the final cleansing that must occur before you can live within the NOW of Ascension. This dark night of the soul is when you go through your daily life being fully aware of what you are doing wrong, aware of your fear, aware of your anger, aware of your pain.” (2)

“You must see yourself,” they say. “You must be aware of what you are thinking, what you are saying, what you are doing and WHY. Why are you thinking that? Why are you saying that? Why are you doing that?” (3) Well, that certainly is happening for me.

This dark night of the soul, they tell us, “is quite uncomfortable but very informational.”  What are we being informed about? We’re seeing that:

“There is no one else you can blame.  It was no one’s fault. No one and nothing did it to you.

“You created your reality. Through creating your reality, you first needed to bring to the surface the parts of you that could not participate in the creation of the reality of planetary Ascension.” (4)

When I was waking this morning, I was wondering why I felt … well, anything but loving … and then I saw that the feelings I was experiencing were related to events a long time ago.  At first I felt dismayed, and then I realized that this was exactly what the Tsunami in its early phases is designed to do.

You remember that I asked Archangel Michael if, after the Tsunami, we’d be entirely free of vasanas, and he responded: “You can think of it as moving you to Vasana Lite.” (5) Only Ascension, which corresponds to a state of enlightenment known as sahaja samadhi, a permanent heart opening, will remove our vasanas entirely.

So don’t expect that, even after the Tsunami, your vasanas will be entirely gone.  And don’t be shocked if your partner still has some remaining. They’ll be lighter but some may still be there.

Mary through Pamela Kribbe last August voiced another interesting perspective on this part of the Ascension process. She said that “at some point, the soul discovers that [the] things [resorted to in the past] do not work, and then the soul goes through a deep inner crisis.”

“As it is maturing, it discovers deep emotions of loneliness, separation, and fear, and there is a growing awareness that nothing outside itself can fill the void. This stage of a soul’s journey can be called ‘the dark night of the soul.’ The soul can not lose itself any more in anything external, and yet it does not know how to nurture itself, how to go within.” (6)

This is an exact description of what I saw when I looked at what was happening for me and how I felt upon seeing it.  I knew that my regular ways of managing myself  – distraction mostly – would no longer work. But I did not know how to nurture myself in the experience I was in.

We’re ascending by the same route by which we descended. In our descent, we created for ourselves the illusion of separation and with it the experience of loneliness and despair. And now as we ascend, we’re experiencing the same feelings of isolation and loneliness and may be wondering how this could be.

Werner Erhard explained that in creating a record (a vasana) or in completing it, we go through the same experience, the same feelings. Earlier we created them in response to our record and later we re-experience them to finally let go of our record. But the feelings are the same.

So if you’re feeling lonely or despondent, well, hey, you may be right on track.

This loneliness and despair are coming up to be removed. We’re making our exit from the illusion of separation and at times it may very well feel like a dark night of the soul.

We’re breaking out of the prison of illusion we’ve built for ourselves, the illusory sense of separation from God which caused our felt “isolation” from the higher realms in the first place.

So if you’re feeling desolate and wondering why this late in the game you’d feel that way, perhaps remember that we’re experiencing the fruits of the illusion again, to be experienced for the very last time and let go of.


(1) St. John of the Cross’s description of the dark night of the soul appears in Kieran Kavanaugh and Otilio Rodriguez, trans. Complete Works of St. John of the Cross. Washington: Institute of Carmelite Studies, 1973, 73-5. The state of perfection is where we’re headed.

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Steve Beckow: Working the Changes

Dissonance 22Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

I’d like to demonstrate the process of resolving cognitive dissonance and creating paradigmatic breakthrough.

Why do I do that? Because things will get busier in the future and we may need to have new ways of “working the changes,” so to speak. So it’s useful to walk through an instance of this process.

This will be very elementary so forgive me. It isn’t the elegance I want to illustrate, but the process itself.

Cognitive dissonance has arisen because another path is being shown to me and it isn’t my chosen path. And it’s being offered as something I should take up. But I enjoy my own path. You can see the mind going back and forth with this. The more it does, the more the dissonance grows.

Dissonance comes when I see the situation from the paradigm Archangel Michael calls “either/or.”

The two paths in question are what I call the path of Nova Being and the the path of the Witness, the awareness path.

The first draws on new, usually higher-dimensional technologies. It deals with what is largely unknown to most of us. It carries the stamp of approval (the imprimatur) of the Company of Heaven.

The path of the Witness draws on stillness, inner reflection, and neutrality. It relies on observing and being aware of what happens in one’s own personal field of experience, whatever can be perceived, sensed, or conceptualized, whatever can be made an object of. It carries the stamp of approval of terrestrial sages.

You recall that Jesus talked about it in “The Third Way.” I have to say I prefer it. I’m not pretending to be neutral in the matter.

The actual disagreement revolves around whether it’s better to simply give an issue or upset away to the celestials or other guides or experience it through to completion. This interests me as a person who has studied vasanas (reaction patterns). The path of Nova Being recommends the former and the path of the Witness recommends the latter.

Dissonance is caused by the felt need to make a choice between the two.  It’s either all this or all that, Archangel Michael’s “either/or.”  The mind goes back and forth until frustrated.

The path of handing on our upsets is definitely the way of the future. Not saying it isn’t. But I’m encountering in myself the preference for the familiar.

The solution doesn’t have to be difficult or complex. It just needs to resolve the conflict. So no drum roll please. It’s the process that’s important.

The solution implicit in it not being “either/or” is that I can use the techniques of one on some occasions and the techniques of the other on other occasions. I actually don’t need to choose between the two, the perspective that was causing the dissonance. I can add a new arrow to my quiver.

Because it’s going to get much busier soon, I may find that I want to follow the path of Nova Being on some occasions and give the issue away. It may become a necessity some day, as project work increases.

And when it’s quieter or when the issue interests me, I may choose the path of the Witness and experience it through to completion.

As long as I came from the paradigm of “either/or,” I felt obliged to choose between the two, raising resistance in me. But when I dropped that way of seeing things and saw that I could draw on both paths, the dissonance went away. Paradigmatic breakthrough resolved the dissonance.

This is a very simple example. In this case, the breakthrough was straightforward and small but in other cases it could be large and complex.

We may encounter much dissonance in the times ahead. And we may not. The Tsunami of Love may make our passage easier. But when the demands upon us are flying fast and thick, if we know how to work the changes, it might stand us in good stead.


Steve Beckow: Welcome to the New Paradigm

SproutWritten by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

This article was written before I asked Archangel Michael about flow on An Hour with an Angel, April 3, 2014. I leave it as written.

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to comment more on something Archangel Michael said.

I’ve read and re-read these words of his perhaps a dozen times. They stick in my memory. And I’m starting to see why.

Archangel Michael said:

“The key to [sacred unions] is freedom, complete liberation, and the acknowledgment, not in lip service, but on the deepest soul level, of the freedom of the person that you are joining with, the sanctity — yes, the sanctity! — of their path, of their choices, of their desires, of their decisions. So there is no push and pull. It is the ebb and flow. It is the infinity. It is the tide.” (1)

First he presents us with the image of two sacred partners living in:

“… freedom, complete liberation, and the acknowledgment, not in lip service, but on the deepest soul level, of the freedom of the person that you are joining with the sanctity — yes, the sanctity! — of their path, of their choices, of their desires, of their decisions.”

I read him as saying to us grant your sacred partner, or anyone really, complete freedom of choice and respect their choices. (Unless of course you have, say, a business or other contractual relationship.)

Ask yourself: Do I and my sacred partner live that way? Yes? No?

I can’t say I live up to these standards.  I’m having trouble even envisioning such a high state.

But it is the new way of life in relationship regardless.

He goes on to tell us what living that way as two sacred partners can result in.

“So there is no push and pull. It is the ebb and flow. It is the infinity. It is the tide.”

What’s he pointing at? Every one of his images – the ebb and flow, the tide, the infinity sign – has something in common. What is it?

What they all have in common is flow. All his image examples are about flow. (2) He’s implanting in our consciousness seed-images, imparting them, preparing us.

I’m willing to bet that these seed-images will germinate, will sprout. By all accounts they’re germinating now.

Welcome to the new paradigm. Welcome to where the world is headed. Flow. For me, this is the new way of life for the New You, as Linda calls it.

What is my takeaway, as Graham Dewyea would say?

Here it is. Sacred partners must give each other the latitude, the freedom to be, the freedom to follow their choices.  If they don’t, there’ll be conflict. If they do, there’ll be flow.

The prize for living life this way is flow itself. We hasten our entry into Fifth Dimensionality by living in flow, in any way we can, as far as I can see.

I think that applies to sacred partners, sacred friends, and anyone else in this world.

Isn’t that what the Mother said? Start with sacred self? Extend it to sacred friends, sacred partnerships and out into the world? The recipe for oneness?

Let me change Jesus’s words a bit (I am sure he won’t mind): Flow is the way, the truth, and the life. Flow is the way to the Kingdom of Heaven.

I want to flow. I want to master it.

Thank you, Archangel Michael. No reply is needed. I got it: Let everyone live in full freedom. Let everyone be free of all unsuitable forms, all constraints, except those we choose.  Let the Tsunami of Love flow around me and through me and let these new abilities germinate.


(1) “Archangel Michael: I See You! I Love You! I Will Engage,” Nov. 8, 2013, at

(2) “Infinity” as it’s used here refers to Archangel Michael’s teaching that the love between two people should flow between them like an infinity sign.


Steve Beckow: Some Suggestions for Sacred Couples

New relationshipsWritten by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

I’m hearing from people who’ve joined in sacred unions and it’s now three or four months later.

Some are doing well; some not as well as they’d like. For some the honeymoon ended at some point and the return to reality was abrupt and dismaying.

Don’t give up hope and don’t, in shock and despair, throw your partnership over.

That’d be like coming up from the deep too quickly: it’d cause the bends. And it may not be necessary, no matter how dismayed you initially feel.

As a result of what folks have been sharing, I’d like to make some comments and suggestions in a general way, if you’d kindly permit me. It’s gonna sound like I have my Therapist’s hat on. Please forgive me. I consider the topic important.

(1) May I suggest, first off: Perhaps don’t try to “fix” your partner. No one is broken. That’s an old paradigm notion. And the mere suggestion that we consider them to be is probably a little offensive.

We’re here to support each other, cheer each other on. All of us are emerging and so what didn’t work today may very well be gone tomorrow (certainly after the Tsunami of Love).

Rather than trying to “change” another or tell them what they “should” do, I prefer to share my practice.

I might say, “Well, I prefer to eat unbleached flour, whole wheat and seven-grain bread (I actually like sourdough). But you do as you wish.”

I’ve made recommendations and demands on others. Hasn’t worked. Never works. Give it up, Steve.

(2) Listen to each other. Let go of the advice. Everyone only wants to be heard. And listened to long enough, they’ll reach the solution (the puzzle will become a picture). And it’ll all be organic and perfect for them.

Listen and then mirror back your understanding of what you heard so that they know you got it. Feedback or mirroring is foolproof because, if you didn’t get it, they’ll correct you.

Then you’ll have gotten it and they’ll know you’ve gotten it. At this point, they usually pass on to the next piece of the puzzle.

After you’ve finished listening, listen some more. And some more. Never stop listening. Listening is the greatest gift that people can give.

(3) Consider some of the growth movement’s ways of communicating. Don’t force them on your partner but perhaps try them out yourself.

(a) Call yourself on your own stuff. Don’t wait for others to do it. “I’m acting like a jerk because I feel hurt by something you said the other day.”

(b) If someone calls you on your stuff, try it on. Test it out. See if it fits. If it does, own it. “Yes, I do stupid things like that.”

(c) Share a withhold. Share something that’s killing your aliveness that you’re holding back. But share it with non-blaming, neutral language. “I gossiped about you the other day and said I was mad at you for pranging the car.”

(c) Refuse to sidebar or gossip and excuse yourself from listening to any sidebarring and gossiping. Sidebarring means talking about someone behind their back and to someone else instead of keeping it between you and the person concerned.

Obviously you don’t know someone is about to sidebar beforehand. But after they do, simply tell them “I’d rather not go there, if you don’t mind.”

(And yes, therapeutic discussions are OK.)

(d) Express your love – through words, hugs, hand-holding. Don’t hold back on letting the other person know you love them.

(e) And when someone says they love you, perhaps don’t reply with the formulaic “I love you too.”  Thank them for sharing that.  Tell them you’re so glad or so happy they love you.

(f) Own your thoughts and feelings. Rather than saying “You are,” which is almost never true, put yourself in the picture. Perhaps say, “I think of you as,” “My feeling is,” “I see you as,” “I have this fantasy that you….” Most of our ideas are fantasies anyways, so we’re not too far wrong.

(g) Talk in terms of stands, declarations and promises when needed. Make it clear where you stand. Declare yourself. Reveal yourself. Tell them what can be expected of you. Be clear.

(4) Remember the honeymoon may end, the passion subside, and when it does the water in the river will go down and expose the rocks.

Sri Ramakrishna used to say that, after you take a dip in the Ganges (experience enlightenment), when you come back out, the crows (the vasanas) are waiting there and begin cawing again almost immediately.

After the passion subsides, you still have your issues and upsets to deal with and the sight and sound of our issues could be shattering for people who were so much in love. The loss of the passion can also bring loneliness. To go from passionate to disagreeing can be a very difficult transition.

And it can scare some people into deflecting attention by suddenly finding things wrong with their partner. It can induce them to test you, to find out whom they may be ending up with. All kinds of fear responses can come up when the passion subsides.

(This is the best time to source or complete whatever vasana (a reaction pattern triggered by events from our ancient past) may have been triggered. There’s an extensive literature on sourcing our old issues here: A vasana cannot be completed until it’s up so rejoice that yours is!)

Take extra-special care of each other at this time.  Hold each other and recognize that, until the Tsunami hits, the highs will probably not last forever.

Remember that a lot of people, thinking they’re now in sacred union, believe that all will be a bed of roses. Not that I’m aware of.  The work continues until the events in our near future lift us above it. But that time is not yet.

The work begins now. But also new forms of satisfaction and pleasure.

(5) Create the form of your relationship that works for you. Archangel Michael has already said that relationship will take new forms.

“[The form of today's sacred unions] is more mission-driven than simply an ideation of what a partnership or a marriage is about. This notion — and it has been a human notion, and we could spend a great deal of time talking about how the power structures of union and marriage have evolved and shifted — but these unions do not require a set form. And that is new. It is original. It is how it is on this side. It is how it was in the very beginning.

“But there is a decision between the two souls on that form, depending on what you are working on, what you are achieving, what you are dreaming, what you are creating, how you are playing.

“And then the form follows the creation and the desire, rather than setting the form and then making everything fit the form. That is how you ended up with institutions that don’t work. So, you aren’t repeating that error. You have grown.

“And the form that these partnerships will take, or can take, by choice, will shift and morph, again, depending on what you are dreaming, what you are desiring.

“But the key to this is freedom, complete liberation, and the acknowledgment, not in lip service, but on the deepest soul level, of the freedom of the person that you are joining with, the sanctity — yes, the sanctity! — of their path, of their choices, of their desires, of their decisions. So there is no push and pull. It is the ebb and flow. It is the infinity. It is the tide.” (1)

Don’t pass by that last paragraph too quickly. I’ll be writing about it later. He’s telling us how to live as sacred partners (or sacred friends). He’s describing to us the new way of life, the paradigm of the Fifth Dimension. That paradigm is flow – the ebb and the flow, the tide, the infinity sign. (2) But let me leave that for now.

Maybe you don’t want to get married. Maybe you don’t want to have children. Maybe you don’t want to live with someone but still have a relationship.

Perhaps you want Relationship Lite. Everything’s negotiable. All is up for the choosing from here on in.

Jesus said the residents of Heaven don’t marry. “Heaven” was Christ’s name for the Mental Plane, the Fifth Dimension, where we’re headed. (Yes, he was speaking about Ascension even back then.) Ascended beings don’t marry, as far as I’m aware. That doesn’t mean they don’t have sacred and committed partnerships.

We’ve been invited to be creative and leave behind old forms that don’t work for us. That doesn’t mean we can avoid such things as human nature or the laws of the land, but it does mean we have choices. And it should result in an easing of the feeling of constraint and a releasing of appreciation and love.


(1) “Archangel Michael: I See You! I Love You! I Will Engage, Nov. 8, 2013, at

(2) Archangel Michael often says to sacred couples that their love should flow back and forth to each other like the infinity sign.


Steve Beckow: Is There a Test for the Truth?

Free 3214Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

When we process a vasana or upset and we think we’ve arrived at the source of it, at what’s really driving us, is there a way to know if we’ve found the truth?

Absolutely there is. Jesus said that: “The truth shall make you free.” (1)  If we feel a newfound freedom, if we feel relief or release from the unpleasant feelings, the unwanted condition or tension in the body, then chances are we’ve found the truth of our situation.

If we feel no release, better try again. No cheese down that tunnel. No truth there unfortunately.

I actually use this test for the truth when souring or completing my vasanas. Oftentimes one vasana sourced leads to another beneath it. I watch to see if I’m experiencing greater and greater release to see if and when I’ve gotten to the bottom of whatever’s troubling me. If after sourcing a vasana I still don’t feel myself in complete release, I go for the next one.

Multiple vasanas going off one after the other we used to call “a stack attack.” One vasana might be signalled by a feeling of irritation; the one below it by a feeling of dread; the one below that by another feeling altogether. But the increased feeling of release I experience with each vasana completed tells me that I’m going in the right direction.

This entire illusory universe, this playground that we spend our lives in, was organized around the Truth. The reason any of us “separated” from God in the first place was to play a game of blind man’s bluff. We donned masks and then attempted to find the Truth, the Reality, the One.

We finger puppets painted faces on ourselves and spent a few thousand lifetimes pretending we were individuals, all the time joined at the hip to God.

We children of God left the family home, migrated to the city, endlessly enjoyed masked balls, and now have grown weary. Our substance having been wasted, our senses jaded, we return to the parental home as prodigal children, begging to be let back in again.

Of course I’m exaggerating and having fun.  But what lies underneath it nevertheless is that we’ve embarked on a long, long return journey from God to God.  And it isn’t a physical journey. Not really.

It’s a journey from untruth to truth. We seek the Truth of our nature. We seek to know who we are. We seek to know the Origin and the Destination of our wanderings.

And God is that Truth, Origin and Destination.

God is who we are. When we discover the smaller truths of our being, we experience release and relief from what binds us. But when we come upon greater and greater truths, we’re freed from greater and greater conditions.

Upon Ascension, which is the equivalent in enlightenment terms of Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi, we experience a level of truth that will set us free from the need to be reborn into “physical” reality. (2)

Even though we always were eternal and immortal beings, we now no longer need to enter into a series of bodies by the birth process. If we want a change in form, we simply will it.

The truth will set us free and the ultimate Truth will see us surrender our individuality altogether and merge with God. My understanding, from Archangel Michael, is that this still is not the end.

Having ended one cycle of existence, we have the choice to enter into another. We have the choice to leave the Father again and go out into the illusory world, the playground, to increase our knowledge of experience, life and love.


(1) John 8:32.

(2) I say “physical” because only the Father is not a thing, not matter, not even a vibration. Everything below the Father is material; it’s simply progressively more refined matter the higher we go in dimensionality. Moreover, as long as it has individuality, even in a formless form, it’s still an object; God is the one and only Subject of all.


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