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A Message from Those Who Died on 9/11

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

People in WTC 22Steve Beckow: In this article I’d like to give those who died on 9/11 the opportunity to address us. They sent their message through Matthew Ward, a well-respected channeled source who’s been helping us understand 9/11 since it happened. Suzy Ward, Matthew’s mother, begins the conversation.

Suzy Ward: Matthew, I just heard from Kalama that a representative of the people who perished in the towers told her they gave you a message. If you have something, I’m sure Jean [Hudon] and Michael [Ellegion] will send it out.

Matthew Ward: Yes, Mother, I have their message, and I have been asked to speak on behalf of the Council of Nirvana and all other souls in this realm and beyond. We weep. We see the larger picture, but still we weep. Who could not do that in these days of agonizing shock and sorrow?

We urge all souls to feel love, compassion and peace and hold these emotions in your heart – in a moment, your beloved family and friends who so recently came here will speak of this in their own words. Read the rest of this entry

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Blue Moon Effect on Gaia and Ongoing Ascension by Adrial- Message channeled by Laura (1Sep12 -Repost by Wes)

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Note from Wes: A highly appreciated message from Adrial via dear Laura, and it perfectly mirrors much of what I personally have been going through. Laura has posted this message here on Aquarius today, September 1st, but it has been nearly lost in the day’s posts so I feel the need to re-post it, so you dear readers are able to see it! :) Konstantinos has posted an update today as well that can be found under the day’s posts.

Good day, this is Adrial. We have noticed many of Earthlings have been experiencing much unrest yesterday during the Blue Moon phase. The effects of the Blue Moon will continue for some time into this week we are afraid. See this as an opportunity for growth. While it is true that experiencing uncertainty, deep powerful emotions, even sadness or depression, doubt, projection of negative outcome in matters of romance and love is a trying experience for you all, we recommend you not to act on these strong impulses generated or being brought to the surface by this very emotionally loaded full blue moon.


Do not deny yourself the experiencing of what is being shown to you now, you would only be running away from your own reality now. It is possible for all of you to grow even more as a result of these emotional times. This is nourishment for your soul dear friends. What is shown now are the areas which need still you to work on in order to make it into the higher realms of consciousness. Use this raw material to perfect the Divine product that you all are.


Stay with what is shown to you during the coming days this week. Much of what is shown to you and experienced by will appeal to your consciousness. It will show you the worst shortcomings in your entire life. All the areas you and indeed your loved ones, your partner, or your twin flame have experienced in this life time. Please do not enter the judging game of others whose actions and feelings are affecting and influencing you. This will be a strong temptation for you to act and react to much of what is shown. Read the rest of this entry

The Ascended Masters: We Come to Issue a Message of Celebration

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Note: Celebration is a subject the Ascended Masters via yours truly have been discussing often, so I felt it appropriate to title this message very similarly to their last one (Now is a Time to Celebrate).

Events on your world are heating up significantly in favor of the agendas we have set forth in neutralizing the dark cabals. We come to you at this time to issue a message of celebration, of victory, for many of you are reaching your own personal victories and strides that are seeing your individual energies work with the energies of the overall collective, to line such energies up in alignment with the many evens to manifest on your world.

Long have we grown away from the need to issue a specific date for the happening of these occurrences, as we have realized that doing so is a bit hollow and can only hurt the collective. There are some who may still lean and rely on dates for the many beginning events to play out on your world and there are as well, many who are at present looking to the mere beginning of a new and better Life as they see the old crumbling around them everywhere they look.

All of you are witnessing at present, the greatest unfolding movement in the history of your world since She entered the lower dimensions by the will of all who entered Her surface, for the will of the lower vibrations is finally reaching its end on your world as so very many of you make your intents and proclamations to align yourselves fully and purely with the energies being given to you from innumerable Loving realms and beings all throughout this wondrous Creation of all of ours. Read the rest of this entry

A Message from the Galactics in Writing!

A Message from the Galactics in Writing!
Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on the passenger’s seat of a car looking at the clouds as we waited for a light change. I noticed how thick the clouds were. One had a cookie cutter hole in the bottom and I decided to address the craft which I thought was inside. “If you are in that cloud, could you show yourselves?”
I waited for a few seconds and looked away, and when I focused on the clouds again there was a reply in writing. The message was written in white, cloud- like letters against the blue sky. It read as follows: NOT OK.
I was thrilled to see an answer to my request. They were letting me know that they couldn’t show themselves, that it was not o.k. to do so. By the time I focused on the message, the upper part of the N and the T were hardly visible, covered by other moving clouds. However, the message was clear to me. I thanked them from the bottom of my heart.

Note from Wes: Is it not extremely interesting, the methods our Galactic brethren will use to communicate with us? My mind drifts back to one time my fiance and I were driving home from visiting relatives, and we found ourselves in the middle of an open farmland with nobody around for miles. 

My fiance remarked that it would be a good time for our friends to show themselves to us and almost at an instant, we then saw a beautiful Light streak across the sky before disappearing. Once we got to a more dense and urban area, I remarked that it would be great to see them again and immediately, my fiance felt an impression from them that we were now in an area too populated and it would surprise too many people. 

My fiance never channels and rarely receives such instant impressions, so I thought it was pretty significant. 

In my view, this story is very synchronistical to that experience. :) 

Karen Doonan: High Council of Orion Message

High Council of Orion Message

Channeled through Karen Doonan

May 30, 2012

Welcome dear ones, we come to guide and support at a time when the energies across planet earth now begin to increase. We are the High Council of Orion and we come to explain in order that you are able to move through the unfolding of these energies with grace and calmness. The new world is being born around you and through you and it is this new world that asks for the new energies.

We are aware of many of you who are now in a state of what is termed “chaos”, this chaos is necessary dear ones to take you out of patterns that have enslaved and contained you during this your life experience.

The chaos will continue and we guide for you to look beneath the apparent chaos, it is chaos that is the forerunner to new experiences and new ways of BEing. We guide for ALL to see the chaos for what it is and to become the observers to the chaos that begins to manifest within your human life experience. Read the rest of this entry

Greg Giles – The Agarthans – Today’s Message from the Inner Workings of the Earth – 21 May 2012

Uploaded on PhaqueOrfTV Youtube Channel20 May 2012.

Water Dragons message for 17 April 2012


We come to guide and support as the new is ever anchored deeper and deeper. The rains that are sweeping the human energy system working to clear and cleanse the traumas and nightmares of aeons. We ask for you to work with the rain, to allow the rainclouds to burst and to pour the healing energies around you and through you, for through the rain is the new and all that we ask is that you allow SELF to cleanse.

We are the dragon realms and we work closely with the element of water. The water a long ago myth for all humans, we watch as the human race recoils in fear of water and ask ALL to remember a time when they flowed with the water, when they danced in the water and when they allowed the cleansing and clearing to take place. Read the rest of this entry

Message from the Masters, April 10, 2012

So you have arrived in 2012, having passed the point of a turning century. These re the times which you have awaited and yet in terms beyond human measurement, these times and those coming, those past, have always been the cycles of what is natural, what is given, as to evolve is the nature of all things.

Your evolution is one not only of heightened consciousness; it is also one of greater awareness and how that awareness applies to the every moment that you exist. You came into your world as perfect beings, manifested aspects of light, from which all things come. You had no preconceptions of the life you would lead or its consequences in the nature of all being and all things. You simply showed up after hearing the call that now is the time for you to experience to your greatest potential and the contribution of that potential to the whole. Read the rest of this entry

Tree Realms message for 29 March 2012


We are here to guide and support the human race and teach them how to breathe again for we are the tree realms and we guide that we have forgiven those who have hunted us, who have cut us down for profit and who have hunted us for our gifts. We extend the LOVE that IS to all humans as many acted out of necessity, believing the teachings of distortion that money is all powerful and that greed and lust is the way forward on a planet that was slowly destroying itself.

We have stood amongst you for aeons, clearing the air for you to breathe and sheltering you from the wind and rain, silent watchers keeping guard over the human race. We now make a stand to allow you to reach out to us for we see you struggle to breathe in the face of all the changes that are now rapidly sweeping across and within the planet earth. We ask that you take a moment to connect to us for we LOVE YOU as all are ONE. Read the rest of this entry

Star Gazer – My First message from the Galactic Federation of Light

My first message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/3/12

I was not allowed to go to sleep until I posted this discussion. With it came fear – of ridicule, rejection and judgement. But I have overcome my self doubt to present this message to you all.



Photo of Cloud Ships taken By Will Harader


We of the Galactic Federation of Light are witnessing and assisting with the tail end of the final round up of the Cabal. Many have doubted our word for a long time, waiting for proof and evidence. It saddens us to feel that we needed to verify ourselves to you all in this manner, but the ‘proof’ you so badly requested is now available. Read the rest of this entry


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