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Lucas: The Elephant and The Mouse

File:North african elephant shrew.jpgWritten by Lucas, Lucas2012infos,

Photo: The elephant mouse

A story about power, abuse and misplaced consciousness.  First of all let us recap on  the things. Consciousness is a state of being. It is not something you can say to be or think to be. You are or you are not conscious.

There is still a lot observed in the now as a lot are saying to be conscious but also at the same time not being conscious. Walk the talk is important.  You can not tell others to be conscious and do the opposite. You can not tell people to be creating a new paradigm but work with funding from some people who have hidden agendas or are not disclosed. Read the rest of this entry

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Lucas2012infos: Lucas on Expanding U Radio

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Lucas from Lucas2012infos: Coaching and Insights for Free

Lucas known from and does work in service to all and there are no fees nor paid information or subscriptions to the information and radio shows. The only thing willingly accepted are freely given donations to keep things going.

In my live I have been working behind the scenes as a (spiritual) coach as well as helping people with insights and guidance upon their paths of life. It eventually about you being helped to help you self on your way or focussed on that what you would like to achieve or manifest.

I am gonna make some time to do in my little spare time a few online personal sessions for people who are interested. Get in touch via the blog e-mailadres lucas2012thelightbringer[ad sign]

We can get in touch and determine if I can help you with insights and coaching. In coaching needs to be a click  so to say and that counts also for insights to read people and connect.

If for some reason the connecting is not working for you or me we can stop the session. If I feel there is no real help I can provide I will also terminate the session. In most cases the things work out fine.

Session will not be longer than 1 hour per session or shorter. Depending on what comes up. It would be nice if you appreciated the service for free after a session with a donation that reflects the energy exchange that was put into it.

If your interested e-mail me and we can get in touch.

Love and Light,


Lucas: You Can Not Overflow Your Bath It Will Always Level In The New

Written by Lucas, Lucas2012infos,

File:Tuning fork on resonator.jpgAttribution: brian0918 Tuning fork on resonance box, by Max Kohl, Chemnitz, Germany. CWRU Physics Dept.

The overwhelmingly felt vibrational energies are still pouring in. We need to get to grips with being multidimensional beings and also with what women upon this earth already could do multi-tasking. It is all now about seeing you can handle all those different things coming straight at you. So many things that you need to manage and still you can handle it if you’re in the perception of One and peace.

Nothing will overflow your bath as it all will level out perfectly in the new.  There is not one thing that isn’t where it should be.  The difficulty though is grasping that you are not only learning to multitask but also use your both brain halves. And learn to see you can also be not only multitasking on this level but in multiple places and dimensions at the same time.  All will become clear as the water is in nature, clear. It is just vibrational energy like all is. Read the rest of this entry

Lucas: Cleaning The Vacuum Or Vacuum Cleaning – Helpless And Disoriented – 26 August 2013


Photo: By Kenny Louie, Canada, Vancouver Title: In the Void

A new shift after the 25th of August and the order of things is again changed.  After a huge tumble dryer effect now the cleaning is making place for a vacuum, or was it vacuum cleaning?! Oh yes, just word games for being in a void. We got into this vacuum after a series of cleanings, being shaken and stirred to get out the worst and the best and center it. We are blown of our feed again into the feeling of helplessness and being disoriented in this void. Read the rest of this entry

Lucas: Painting A Picture Of Transition – 5 August 2013

Churchill_box_of_paints_DMA_Reves_CollectionIn the events unfolding the true nature of what is and was going on the people will get a newly painted picture of their world.  A picture that shows a lot of things from language and laws and contracts being used to  pull people willing or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly, with or without consent in a place of submission to or subservience or slavery by control and force. It is all about agendas that go back to times we can not even grasp. People should know that the King James Bible is nothing more than an instruction book.

The bible was in fact already a hidden knowledge book of codes before the translation of King James. But what matters is the history goes back way further.  It is about a way to control people for that what they really are important, their energy and of course their DNA.  It was never about debt or workforce that we as humans were needed. It was about the energy they took to keep the controllers of humanity alive feeding upon that. Read the rest of this entry

Lucas: The Pendulum in Full Swing – Polarities Pulling Strings – Groups And Creative Juices Of All Kinds – And Becoming Ready – 3 July 2013

pendulumThe pendulum is in full swing as long as the energy is in motion in between polarities that are not resolved yet in neutrality and balance.  A lot of people experience people in mood swings, having outbursts, having negative perceptions without cause. It is about facing the polarities to see them for the missing pieces you need to acknowledge and give them back their place with your other uniting parts of you.

Let go of all attachments or bindings that still are  attached to that polarity energy if you’re integrating it. This is the process you now feel as being bouncing those things back and forth till resolved in neutrality by you.

If others mirror those swings to you it can also be you are part of their story to resolve it or you have similar polarity pieces of you  to face and unite.  See it as pieces from you not necessary being from a now moment but also from past or future lives or from others realms and dimensions you have been living in. All those fractal based parts need to come together to make you whole again.  Read the rest of this entry

Lucas: The Knowing – What Else Is Needed – Flow – 23 June 2013

subtle-body-energy1In listening to all sort of people speaking of their newly found connections and talking about their own shifts in bodily and mental changes  in the moment of now I feel great joy and bliss.  The changes are coming fast. From healing to manifesting probabilities in seconds it all is now at reach for those opening up to this.  It not the same healing energy anymore as in the old paradigm. All is still a process and it is still a choice to go that path all the way or keep de-touring.

There is no judgement in this, it is as it is. If you feel the knowing all this to be as it is, you will feel no more need or expectation as all will be as the flow provides it to be in its purest and divine way to be for you.  All will be by knowing and feeling it to be so coming on your path. All will be in time and on time always so to say. It is all there for you in the moment of now.

Whatever you need it is not needed or needs not to be expected but only be given as a thought envisioned through the third eye and spoken via the mouth of the  throat chakra. There this thought is let go to manifest and find its way back to you in the flow.  The notice no strings attached is so true, if you only knew how true.  That is why it only  can be as there is nothing to stop it to be in its tracks from manifesting. Read the rest of this entry

Lucas: The Way No More – The New Direction – The Light Toned Back Till All Can See – 13 June 2013 some it is not easy to see that things have changed and old patterns and dogmas or even routines are no more applicable or to be used.  I still see people teaching the 3D/4D  way of what is and how to do.  They have not grasped that maybe some ways they still teach are not for this 5D paradigm anymore. I tried to explain that to some but it is as it is. They have to realize the what and how themselves. Also know that what often has been written or spoken is also a mirror to those doing so as well as the listeners and readers.  It is just a process for everybody (also me) and no one is exempt from that.

What is applicable is what you feel to be in your process to suit you at the moment in time. Things will touch, or come on your path and or will find you to let you progress in your process.  So even the hardest nuts are going to be cracked to progress as the wall you hit your head into again and again will eventually bring you the message. It even can appear in other forms to you.  We all are in this period not only on our own paths but we help as light tone teachers our other fellow travelers on our mutual journey. Read the rest of this entry

Lucas: From Old To New – Clash Of Perceptions – Clearing The Path For New Perceptions And You In The New – 10 June 2013

sunriseWhen the energetics of vibrational frequency with a bit of support of the illuminati’s  heavy spraying chemtrails  and HAARPing ELF waves and other frequencies  are provoking people to feel uneasy and itchy and even argumentative and angry it is time to see.  The real story is that of seeing the new develop after the old is let go off.  It  is by clearing emotions.

It is by clearing old thinking patterns, dogmas ,etc, and it is via physical releasing that what is not beneficial to the body.  On all levels of being: body, mind and feeling is worked and shifted. It shows itself in having arguments, making your stand, or telling your truth. It shows itself also in heavy emotional outbreaks all over the scale from crying to laughter.

It shows again itself via disease, clearing of the bowel and intestines or via feeling nausea or having a cold, flu or some other undefined itch or ache somewhere. Whatever it is to come out to clear this individual micro level of perceptions  will come out.   Read the rest of this entry


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