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Lucas: A Personal Note – You All Are Contributing To The New

Logo Lucas_square_wordsWritten by Lucas, Lucas2012infos.

It is a very challenging time for most on this planet as well as me. I have to acknowledge that for sure as I personally go through a lot. My choice not to be part of groups but serve all with my blog, my observations and views and also unseen work behind the scenes is to be holding the vision for all humanity and the awakening and shift of all. I want for all to have equal access to the abundance upon earth as well as the abundance from our inner heart-source connection.

I have been giving my views on things in a bigger perspective and sometimes along the way I was calling upon some to be truthful  and really transparent as well as I was pointing out some views or mostly opinions that are not the same as “The Truth” but just a truth from a certain perception or frequency level. In this I mostly got the stick for calling upon others to see what opinion or perception they were putting out there. Most humans still do not like to be confronted with their own doing and energy of imbalance. Read the rest of this entry

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Lucas: The Last Fine Tuning Of That Picture Is In Progress

Written by Lucas, Lucas2012infos.

It seems the balance in knowing and feeling and being spiritual and also with your feet in this earth bedded needs to be found.  The spiritual only positive explanations are nothing else as another extreme polarity. The same counts for saying all is negative and dark and there is no light. It is promoting duality in denying the opposite to be real. Are you willing to get things back into balance and are you willing to leave the bullshit behind? You can not go on in the new by leaving a part of you behind. It needs to be acknowledged and addressed as part of you to become  balanced.

Intent is great word but intent can get corrupted along the way if you go into the old again or let yourself be taken back into it. In this transitional phase things are not easy as all that is out of balance will be over and over shown again to you to address it and learn to balance it.  Also extremes like the death of loved ones or people near you is part of that playing out last duality show off. The polarities get poured and hammered out to make place for harmony, balance, solutions working for all, etc.

All is the ongoing process we all individual are in and need individually be taking care off. Take it as it comes in the now. The harshness in the one moment can be also showing in another moment the beauty of something new coming into your life. All is and will be in the end finding its place back in neutrality. Do not prolong your journey by keeping polarities going. There is no right or wrong as all just is. All is just a view or perception that has its own right to be there in the midst of all. In the neutral the cooperation and creation of new can start as humans will not see conflict anymore.

I see great things to be coming soon.  It is that what we will establish as we grown back into our new old roles as balanced heart-centered individual creator beings. The world is changing every now moment. Nothing is as it was or will be as it is now and can be different the minute you see it, feel it or acknowledge it.  We are growing out of our time construct thinking and the induced upon you all cage of illusion. It is for some more apparent as others but  know it to  be for all when you have all managed your personal process.  Our way is sequential built till we shift and can all jump into the unknown new to explore reality of the now. The liquid reality will be ours soon.

I take of my hat for all that are here to contribute in their way towards our journey upon this planet. It is what we came to do in the now. Know the transitional phase is hard on lots of us. Keep an open heart to all you can help in some way. Be there for your friends and family and fellow humans. We all sometimes need a hand, a little pad on the back, a big hug, or even support in advice or a bit of money.  The world in the new is about building it together not in exclusion but inclusion. Forget the old paradigm stuff and doctrines. In the new there will be no borders, circles around, no more  limits as things are built from our core beings that are conflictless.

Whatever happens it is just a journey you all will make and some chose that their roles were played out in the moment of now and transmuted their earthly body  into spirit. It is all just part of the journey and know you never die. There is only a transit from a body into the energetic being you are crossing over in a new reality. We are here to live our lives in full. Just do what you came to do or will remember you came to do, it all part of the bigger picture. The last fine tuning of that picture is in progress.

Love you all.

Love and Light,


P.S. All the lightservers in service to all would love a donation today!

(c) 2014 –  Copyright of Lucas, all writings of Lucas maybe published, re-blogged and posted only in full without altering anything with  the  link  mentioned in the article with name of the author Lucas.

Lucas: The Choice For The Faith Of Humanity Is ALL Yours by Lucas, Lucas2012infos.

Choose wisely what is your intent and contribution towards humanities faith or better said new paradigm. It is up to you all what your internal heart-source clock says to you while ticking away the proverbial seconds.  All is played out within as on the outside now.

Nothing is in control just all is in movement and forced in a way into balance. If we will not find the balance and get working on the same, source will reset all. Still people talk about timelines… there is only one and nothing else as all is upon that without any exception. You can belief whatever…. or just know.

The people on this planet are in the moment violently swung around in their unresolved issues of polarities on personal levels and beyond. It is time you chose what you want, balance or polarity or doing things for all or just for  Me Myself and I. Are you chosing change for the better of all or just still a bit for you first.

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Lucas: Listen! – A Poem

Written by Lucas, Lucas2012infos.

Listen to the words flowing from your heart biggest desires.

Listen to the words of eternal expansion of love from within.

Listen to the words of the waters speaking the flow.

Listen to the words of the air blowing the winds of change.

Listen to the words of the blazing fire to purify all that is.

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Lucas: Silence Is Golden – The True Energetics Behind The Gold

Written by Lucas, Lucas2012infos.

When observing the stories playing out in the moment I see the going in circles and keeping attached to the old still as the key points as well as the corruption of intent by hidden of self-interest and money. Still people want to be lead astray, or want to belief even if things do not add up. Dishonesty and half-truths are still told. And things are pushed forward even if the road is already blocked.

Building new ways of living is not about building new structures to fit in.  New OLD paradigms of groups and sheep. New rules and norms in communities and groups pushed upon each other with peer pressure making it happen to keep things within the circle.  Even those saying to do without money are calling for donations and say to be able to manifest everything themselves.

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Lucas: If …Truth, Honesty and Transparancy Was Real

Logo Lucas_square_wordsWritten by Lucas, Lucas2012infos.

If you are telling people to have done the best for humanity ever and you alone or your group did it…. If you are telling day by day to be so great and transparent in attacking others meanwhile or defamate them. I you forget telling people what is your own agenda in this.

If you’re so truthful in all and telling only the story from your perspective without telling it to be only that view. If your only saying this is THE truth without being truthful about where that truth is coming from. If you’re not keeping room for discernment from others but just tell IT IS.

If you are still marketing truths that have served purpose in the old paradigm and bring them into the belief systems for some fools believing. If your still talking about others being wrong and making yourself and your group being the only ones telling the truth.

Read the rest of this entry

Lucas: Viewing Things To Come – Closing Curtains by Lucas, Lucas2012infos.

Graphic by KDS444

Time is slipping away fast for those that still are or want to be in the time induced society and communities built upon the old structures that still want to veil you from seeing.  It is the matrix that still wants to attach to you if you allow it. The center of all is within and it is in total harmony and peace when nothing is spinning of the charts in extreme polarities.

The road we all travel individually. It is up to us all to see we are kept by that what is telling you to see yourself as needing to be part of something to make something happen or change your reality. It is the biggest lie of all to be kept out of your own power. We are the ones that came here to make change happen in our lives and the planet. As all is interconnected you will be contributing in  making the change happen also outside of you. Read the rest of this entry

Lucas: Water At Stake In Australia’s NSW – UN Agenda 21

Logo Lucas_square_wordsWritten by Lucas, Lucas2012infos,

Plans for energy solutions in the form of a water storage of huge proportions elevated into a basin by windmills on a created Island already exist. The water could be released again to make hydro-electric power if needed and even supported with the windmills. etc. In short a copy of the already since 1981  existing “plan Lievense” or the proposal Lievense in The Netherlands.  The plan was hyped and pushed several times but the costs are huge and the expenses to the environment and impact to nature also.  ( See an article of many about this Lievense plan:  it is in Dutch:

The Australians come now seemingly in New South Wales again with a solution that is not viable but has an other agenda to it... The title of the article by  is: “Pumped hydro offers storage solution for renewables” . Read the rest of this entry

Lucas: The Truth Is Out There For You To Grasp and It Starts With You

Logo Lucas_square_wordsWritten by Lucas, Lucas2012infos,

It could be a X-files episode when I look down from my window in the sky and observe… It is people searching for truths in still believing that others will tell them what is true… It is about people going for others that forcefully hype information that lacks full transparency.

It is about those calling out to be searching the truth by posting seemingly controversial information on social media in an attempt to gather the all compassing true information in fora and by comments. It is about those to be seeking truth and spreading half-truths and lies as part of their so-called search. Truth is everywhere around you in all sorts of seizes and from all sorts of perceptions…Is it your truth or not? Read the rest of this entry

Lucas: Major Changes Upon Us – It Is All In The Mix

In Astrology  a lot is going on now. After the Equinox of 21st March and also an alignment of 3 planets around 15/16 april,  a Cardinal Grand Cross alignment of 13 degrees each of the 4 planets is happening at 23/24 April 2014.

As I already said our now is 2014 and it is the year major change will happen and shifts so to say.

The building the new is in full swing but with its upheavals.  The swinging pendulum still has to come to the balance point in the inner self and will affect in that also what happens on the outside of you: the bigger picture.  Ongoing clearing and purging the inner-self with all the known effects like mood swings and emotions, feeling the ambiguity of feeling good one way and feeling bad, sad and fearful also the same time.

It is about having still one foot in the old paradigm and one already in the new. It is a in between stage of being in transition as all is in a transition now. Read the rest of this entry


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