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Planetary Healing: Love is Intoxicating

The following was written by Wes Annac for the ‘planetary healing’ section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter, which is being offered for $11.11 a month. Income from the newsletter helps my family and I get by, and the option to subscribe will be given below.

Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about enlightenment as a means to heal the planet, and like I mentioned last week, this is because I think it’s important. I created this planetary healing segment with the goal of exploring some of the ways we can heal this world physically, but I’ll admit that these days, I feel led to talk about enlightenment and becoming aware of spirit.

I’m convinced that finding enlightenment is one of the best ways for us to really change the planet, and I’d like to devote as many segments as possible to discussing it. You’d think that only so much could be said about enlightenment, but the spiritual teachers of our past have given us more information about it than most of us think. Read the rest of this entry

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You Carry the Love of Source at all Times

IMG_3633Message from my higher self, conveyed through Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

Your society has been taught to believe that an embrace of inner and outer liberation is impossible, and this is reflected with the manner in which many go about daily jobs and experience ways of Living and being that don’t resonate with the experiences they’d really like to have.

The idea is taught that you must accept your fate instead of looking beyond your current experience into something much more expanded and infinite.

You no longer have to believe in illusory limitation or lack, because you possess the ordained ability to transcend it. You can transcend every aspect of the lower-vibrational experience that no longer works for you, and in doing so, you’ll find that you are and have always been eternal spiritual beings.

So much awaits you when you can reach the heightened perception many of you are just beginning to reach. Though what many of you have perceived already has been great, it’s only a preview of what you’re going to experience when reaching certain strides along your growth.

You’ve only just begun to feel the greatest feelings Creation has for you, and you’ve only just glimpsed into the spiritual realms many of you now work actively to help others glimpse.

Even still, the glimpses you’ve been given have been wonderful indeed and have motivated and inspired many of you to become active conduits for higher-dimensional energy that spreads to every facet of consciousness around you.

So Much to Feel and Do

Understanding the Love of spirit will help every soul on your planet lay down the perceived need to bicker over differences that no longer have to keep you apart.

You’re Love at your very core, and no Earthly difference can take this away from you or convince you that you’re separate from each other forever. Indeed you’re not, and in fact, you maintain a strong connection with each other in every moment.

When you can understand the strength of the connection you share with each other, you can build upon it and work together to help bring your planet into the Light.

Your ability to feel and radiate a good vibration is growing, even when it doesn’t seem to be so, and we’ll recommend letting yourselves rest when you feel it’s necessary because you have so much still to feel and do. When you let yourselves take the necessary time and energy to rest, the result can be increased motivation when the time comes for you to resume your various efforts for the Earth’s ascension.

It’ll also benefit you immensely to know that even when you feel as if you aren’t doing much for the Earth’s ascension, your presence on the Earth is heralding much more change than you’d readily believe. We mention this often, and we do so because we feel it’s important for you to understand that holding and anchoring the Love vibration is potent work in and of itself.

You have so much work to do for the betterment of the planet, dearest awakening starlights, and we ask you to see the importance and value of your presence on the Earth, because the majority of souls on your world have been lost in the mucky waters of unawareness and have been temporarily unable to perceive of something better.

Your presence on the Earth is helping lighten the collective vibration, and is helping more people become aware that a reality of Love and bliss exists just beyond their conscious understanding. This reality is yours to open up to, and your effort to do just that will continue to bear fruit as your perception continues to refine and deepen.

Rapid Change and Transformation

Expansion has been a big theme for many of you, and this is because you’ve entered a potent time in your evolution wherein rapid change and transformation are the rules of the day. When you feel as if you’re losing your grip on reality, and we note that some of you have felt this way recently, understand that the opposite is actually true.

In your darkest hour, understand that you’re a Divine being who’s simply going through the Earthly motions and experiencing the density of your planet so that you can be skilled in helping as many others around you as possible climb out of that density.

The ultimate mission of many of you has been to help awaken your populace, and whether you reach out in the physical and awaken just a few souls or many, you’re doing a great and needed thing for your collective and we’ll continue to support you with unending Love and appreciation for your efforts.

We ask you to let any pressure you’ve put on yourselves fade as you see that you’re in complete and full control of your reality and can steer your paths in the directions that work best for you. When making this request, I speak for every soul and collective comprising these higher dimensions who are actively focused on the Earth’s ascension, and when we speak through channels we almost never speak solely for ourselves.

Rather, we speak as a unified collective entity, and if there’s anything that can be learned from this, it’s that more than billions of souls can easily come together and enjoy each other’s uniqueness and individuality while still understanding that we all come from the same Source who cares and Loves for us deeply.

We all originate in the realms of full consciousness wherein an undistorted understanding of ourselves as Source is prevalent, and you’re growing back toward realms wherein the lower-dimensional blinders you’ve worn throughout your venture will be replaced with a sense of uninhibited higher-dimensionality that you’ll vastly enjoy experiencing again.

As you go about your Earthly ventures, remember the refined colors and sounds comprising the realms you’re growing back toward. Remember the richness of Life and the strong and pure manner in which you can maintain a constant connection with the Love you are at your core, because when connecting with your omnipotent Love, nothing about your experience has to bring you down.

This concept will continue to be repeated, because we intend to do all we can to help you understand it in the realest sense possible. Truly, accessing the Love of your sacred heart space will help the illusion melt away as you grasp the idea of no longer having to feed into it.

Your Higher Self will be There

You don’t have to feed into the lower inclined mechanisms of the Earth experience, and rather, you can be a constant instrument of expression for your higher self.

The higher selves of each of you desire for you to open back up to the sacred connections you possess with each other, because there’s so much for you to absorb and understand, and your higher self, who’s experienced what you have and can aptly give guidance, is and will be there to fill in the missing pieces.

Do you feel a strengthened connection with a deeper facet of yourself, or do you feel as if such a connection is unattainable because of the density of the Earth experience that can weigh you down and convince you that spiritual reality is illusion?

It certainly isn’t, though we note that it can seem anything but real if your connection with it isn’t as strong as it can be.

You’re exiting the lower vibrations and rediscovering previous versions of yourselves who continue to come up for transmutation and release, and allowing yourselves to go with the flow and to cease attempting to exert too much mental control over your existence will benefit you greatly.

Of course, utilizing mind and ego is necessary as you go about your lower-dimensional experience, but the extent to which you allow mind or ego to take over or influence your decisions too heavily can determine the type of experience you’ll have.

Utilizing mind and ego in healthy ways can assist you greatly, but allowing them to take over is what keeps many awakening seekers back from Living a Life of bliss and fulfillment.

We’ll conclude this communication with the reminder that you’re in a time of heightened energy that’s calling you to see beyond your respective constructed selves and enter into a clear and pure reality that your strong ability to access and feel might surprise you.

You carry the Love of Source within at all times and can handle every bit of difficulty thrown your way, because what you perceive as “difficulty” is ordained to be experienced as a facet of your ongoing testing.

You’re testing yourselves and your ability to remain in a calm center when presented with various things that could take you out of it, and when you feel as if difficult experiences are piling up, call upon us to help lift your burdens and remind you of the Love of your existence.

We’re here, forever and always, and we’ll continue to be with each of you – especially those of you who don’t feel as if we’re near at all.

Thanks and praise to Jah/Source and my higher self.

Wes Annac is a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as writings from Wes and more. Come check us out!

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Image credit: PocahontasBrandy, 2013

Contributing from a Place of Love and Spirit

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

The recommended audio version of this article can be found here.

Peace of mind can be felt and expressed in this time of rapid transformation, and I’m beginning to learn that the extent to which we let the difficulty in our Lives put us in a bad place determines the power it’ll have over us.

Difficult experiences can’t be avoided because they’re ultimately necessary, as is every experience, but they don’t have to bring us down in the way they have in the past. Peace of mind can be obtained in myriad ways, and for me, spending time out in beautiful and revitalizing nature can help unprecedented peace of mind come forth.

From a peaceful and balanced place, we can do whatever we feel drawn to in regards to assisting the planetary awakening, and I can say from my own experience, however limited, that the drive to throw oneself into helping awaken the populace becomes incredibly strong when a personal awakening and establishment of peace of mind comes about. Read the rest of this entry

Our Universal Family: Sharing and Spreading the Love of Spirit

A Fall Day Walk - Photo by PocahontasBrandy.

A Fall Day Walk – Photo by PocahontasBrandy.

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

An audio of me reading this latest message can be found here.

The evolution of humanity has been on a full course to manifest for centuries of your time, but has been accelerated in the last century as more souls are led to understand things they would’ve previously been closed-off to.

We note the deepening spiritual searches many of you find yourselves embarking on, and we can only encourage your quests and remind you that we’re forever here with you and that it’s only the extent to which you convince yourselves we’re not that determines your experience of us.

If you can allow yourselves to believe and know, truly know, that we’re real and with you, walking by your side in every moment, then you’ll experience a strong and constantly replenished connection with us.

If you let yourselves stray away from the belief that we’re real and with you, then you’ll naturally experience what you’ve sewn for yourselves. The point we wish to drive home is that you’re forever the Creators of your experience and just where you choose to go from here will be decided not by us, but by you. Read the rest of this entry

The Ascended Masters: Forgiveness and Love for Every Soul Will be Essential

059small-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Various stages of enlightenment follow when a soul begins to awaken and find the growth that is planned out for them to experience during their incarnation and experiences in the lower realms. You all experience various forms of enlightenment that come in various stages and for many of you, the lessons you learn are preludes to lessons that are quite similar, but are lessons which you learn in much more intense manners later on in your growth.

What we mean by this is that many of you are learning the same few lessons over and over again, in more intense ways each time and in ways that will garner you a deeper understanding of the situation and every situation that plays out in your Lives that revolve around it or has to do with it in any way.

Everything you experience in your Lives paves the way for a deeper and greater understanding, and the realizations that can be brought forth by experiencing specific things along your planned growth will garner in you, an understanding of the lessons you have set out for yourselves to undergo and transmute the energies behind.

You will find that many of the lessons you plan out for yourselves partially involve feeding an action or mindset that has been fed by the collective exponentially in the past and in your current moment, and your learning of lessons in that specific avenue will serve to transmute the collective dense energies and vibrations behind the particular matter you would be working through and transmuting. Read the rest of this entry

Love, Respect and Oneness: Our True Religions

Written by Wes Annac

I’ve been noticing a common theme in my own Life and in the expressions of many on the internet, and this theme is that of all that has been based in an illusory, physical experience, being disintegrated before our very eyes. For me personally, this has been quite a difficult process as I personally work through the final lessons I have given myself in this Life and am coming face-to-face with those last few aspects of myself ready to be transmuted and Loved.

Plenty of sources have been speaking of the lower entities who reside within the astral realms of our world and make themselves known through getting those of us on Earth to express the lower energies that would be bringing them through. These energies would include those of disrespect, angst, hate and fear among other traits that only bind one to the lower dimensional experience.

Those very influences are what we are growing out of and as this happens, the influence of these lower beings who have been misleading and deceiving so many for so very long, are themselves faded away more and more as such beings lose the feeding and stealing of the energies of the souls whom such beings have always attempted to bring down to their realms through getting them to feed the energies spoken of above. Read the rest of this entry

The Light and Love of Creator is Perfect – Archangel Michael via Ron Head

  Spanish      Portuguese

Today we will continue, as promised, by adding a most beautiful vision of grounding into the meditation we offered in yesterday’s message.

You will remember that we suggested you breathe Creator’s unconditional love and light into your crown, third eye, and down into your heart.  It is at this point that we would insert a further step into this beautiful exercise.  If you can now, imagine the love and light of Creator filling every cell of your body and flowing down into your solar, sacral, and root chakras.  Feel it getting stronger with every breath.  Allow it to reach downward now, into your loving mother, Earth.  Imagine it becoming roots, a growing system of roots reaching down, down, and down further and further into the heart of your planet, reaching deep, deep into the very center of her, finding her crystal core and wrapping firmly and lovingly around it. Read the rest of this entry

SanJAsKa: An Audible Communication of Love

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

I am SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine. I am coming through this scribe and many other scribes at this time in very measured ways, but in pure ways that are seeing my energy reach the surface of this Earth in wonderful leaps and bounds. Many have become open to my energies and open to the energies of the Councils I work with, and many have in general come to find a resonation with the Pleiadians and with the Galactic Federation.

We are an infinite amount of ascended souls who have evolved and grown away from our own methods of lower dimensional consciousness, and we wish to assist each and every soul going through these lessons at this time. We give aide and assistance to each and every lower dimensional planet who can handle our energies and who can handle the help that we are giving them that they will receive from us with such Joy.

We personally [the Pleiadians] have been with humanity for so very long and we have indeed Lived on your world, not just with you but before your current societies came to be in so many different infinite timelines. Read the rest of this entry

2012: It’s all About Energy, the Power of Love


Things are changing in our world, whether or not we choose to see it. Yes, it looks as if the powers that used to be are still in control as they pass more obtrusive laws and make a lot of noise with their media circus. However, behind the scenes BIG things are happening that will shift everything. Want to help? Allow your energy to shift to a loving attitude. That is the energy of transformation. It’s the power of love.

Arcturian Group: You are Learning the True Meaning of Love

Arcturian Group: You are Learning the True Meaning of Love

Channled by Marilyn Raffaelle

March 11, 2012

Dear ones, we come to tell you of the light we see eminating from your planet in an ever increasing intensity.

So many are awakening and beginning to understand the bigger picture. So many are beginning to see through the lies and games of those who wish to keep you in bondage and ignorant of your true selves .

Do not get hung up on the fear and negativity you may become aware of, but instead try very hard to use that which you become aware of for practice in keeping your energy and consciousness immersed in truth, for this is what will change world consciousness. Read the rest of this entry


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