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Lisa Gawlas: The Honoring and Celebration of YOU!!

lisagawlas2Written by Lisa Gawlas | Thanks to Lucas2012infos.

Well there is certainly a change of atmosphere, not only in my head and body, but on the field of life as well.  The celebration, the feeling of anticipation for what is to come and how we are going to get it done, was felt thru every reading, thru every molecule of life.

Of all the connections yesterday, there is one in particular that is hanging in the forefront of my mind, that I know our collective teams wants me to share in both visual and feeling for everyone to feel.

The first thing I had seen when this lovely lady showed up was a huge celebration at the crossing line between the end of March and the start of April.  There were multicolored balloons, streamers, party favors and just so much joy.  As I was drinking in this energy a person stepped out of the crown and walked toward my lady in her present moment.  This Being was dressed in a ball gown reminiscent of Cinderella’s when she went to the ball, except the color was this yellow gold and the whole image of this being was opaque.  Instantly, I knew this was her Soul Self, I could feel it.

Her soul started to radiate this feeling of such love and gratitude, it was hard for me not to leak.

Don’t think for a single moment that our souls, that our entire team on the other side of the veil, don’t realize how hard and intense these last several months have been on us physically.  And having free will on this side of the veil, we could have surrendered, stopped the transition at any time…

So in truth, YOU are the one being honored as the Master, celebrated for being so brave and so dedicated to your Self.  Take the time these last couple of days of March and drink it all in, You truly deserve it!

As I basked in the energy of the Soul of my lady honoring my human lady herself, suddenly her soul lifted her left hand and presented a candy rose red-violet in color.

icing flower

Rose, the highest vibration of love there is on earth (symbolically speaking.)  Red-Violet representing the new earth and ascended mastery within it.  Made of icing, the sweetness of life itself, but equally representing “the icing on the cake” too.

It was also suggested she eat it, take it into her and allow the pure energy to mingle and merge into her body.  Talk about Soul Food!! (smile)

There is also another element I would like to talk about.  The figure 8 as an infinity symbol and the true power and message that lays within it.  (From wikipedia) The English word infinity derives from Latin infinitas, meaning “the state of being without finish”, and which can be translated as “unboundedness”.

I had one lady show up with a dashed circle appearing on her far left field, that place where celestial energy meets created landscape.  I could feel the energy of the figure 8, but there was only one loop presenting itself, until I realized the other loop is waiting on the other side, in the high energy of April.  The golden figure showing up in her landscape represented the container that now houses the infinite potential of our Full Beings.  Unbounded in every way as we move into April.

For those in partnered relationships, where you are both fully in the space of working with energy, partnered in every way with each other spiritual evolution consciously and out loud, each of you would represent one half of the infinity symbol and your work together can and will be stronger than it ever has before.

I am going to finish this sharing with my last lady of the day.  She too had a celebration happening at the crossing point between March and April, three figures were very present there throwing metallic, multicolored confetti over the fence into April.  Two of the figures where undefinable to me, kinda like cloud beings, but the one in the middle, crisp and clear to my eyes.

He was, at first, with his back facing us.  His clothing was green, green shirt, green pants and very black hair.  As he tossed one last handful of confetti into April, he turned to look at us, beam his energy towards us and I could not take my eyes off his pointy ears.  Could very well have been Spock’s son, only without a face.  His face was completely blurred out and he stated it was because this is not about “identity.”

We enjoyed his presence and his insistence that my lady needs to link up with him so she can hear his direction as she moves into April and then he threw us a name “She can call me Peter.”  We both giggled and not once in our entire connection did my mind think “Peter Pan.”  Not until this morning at least.    But now, it is so unmistakably clear and what a guide to have.  One that knows the magic of life and can teach you how to fly!!

It took me a while to realize that her friends throwing confetti had aligned themselves on her left side of the field, again, representing their connections in her physical life.  Until suddenly a small flower image appeared on her right side (emotional spiritual side) that kind of reminded me of the icing flower from my lady previously, only in complete gray-scale.  The more we talked about this flower, it started growing, going from the size of a walnut to the size of a VW bug.  All I could think was what the hell kind of flower is this??  My lady knew, she asked if it could be the flower of life… but of course!!

I did start to understand that the flower is part of her emotional field and also, her creational field too.  There is a connection between the multicolored confetti her Beings where throwing into April and this weird growing flower too.  The more talked about this flower and what to do with it, it started breathing!  How strange it is to see this massive flower present lips and breathe!!  This is her tool set to figure out.

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, April opens to our person school of Hogwarts!!  The amount of magic we have available to us is endless, but we are asked to show up and play with it too!!

Enjoy your day, the recess before school starts in earnest!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of eternal gratitude for allowing me to share and bask in the love of the universe back to you!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I got the new package finished.  It will be 5 sessions called: Connecting to Your Guides and ET Family.  We will hold our sessions on webex so that I can record and give you each session to continue practicing with in an MP4 format.  Go here to check it out: / link to original article


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Lisa Gawlas: The Rain of Light Ignites the Energy of April!

lisagawlas2Written by Lisa Galwas | Thanks to Lucas2012infos.

I do believe we are finally coming out of the fog of this first quarter.  Today is the first day I actually feel reconnected to my mental matter with clarity!!  Bout damn time too!!

Ya know what I find funny with myself, with all this shifting and changing, the language of light has been changing, the understandings of what I am seeing, very different than ever before, and I usually complain out loud that I would really like everyone to be the same, at least for a day.  So when that actually happens, like yesterday, I get very nervous that I am actually seeing correctly.

Everyone I connected to yesterday had an element of the sun energy, the long duration CME that was released a couple of days ago, was prominent in every connection.  My first lady had two major sun balls, streaming flames of energy and all, collide into her field of life, like asteroids hitting the ground and reverberating the energy field into life.  it was really beautiful to see and feel.  Suddenly, a new guide showed up for her, dressed very much like a witch, but completely in violet instead of black attire.

Read the rest of this entry

Lisa Gawlas: The Tones and Symbols of Our Direction Forward! Pay Attention!!!

lisagawlas2Thanks to Lucas2012infos.

Holy shift batman!!  I find it impossible that we had such a major energetic shift moving from February to March that we would have yet another intense one moving from the 3rd to the 4th of March, but my good god, we did!!  I kinda wish I hadn’t wondered what the “concentrated” energies that spirit kept saying were coming, felt like, just my dear lord, it was all I could do to hold on to my hat during each connection yesterday.

And of course, the language of light changed drastically too.  I think I can liken it to finally getting out of grade school and moving into high school and nothing is the same as it was and truly, with every reading, struggle to understand what I am seeing, I felt incredibly under prepared!

Even with that thought, spirit is reminding me of exactly how they teach and how we, as a human species learn the best:  OJT – On the Job Training.  Well just pooh! Read the rest of this entry

Lisa Gawlas: A New Heart Frequency Emerges. A New Soul Song Being Sung…

lisagawlas2Thanks to Lucas2012infos.

Houston!!  We have movement!  We are finally tip-toeing into our (perceived) future with energy and potential and I have this feeling, even all that is going to change again as we step into the spring equinox energy.  This elongated moment in time feels like the big rev up to that amazing point of accelerated time.

There is so much I want to share that came thru yesterday, but sadly, I cannot believe I woke up really late, especially since I was once again pulled into a coma type sleep at 6:30 pm.  But at least, I was gifted with a dream experience, that always makes me a happy girl!!  Let me share the dream first and then tie it all into yesterdays understandings. Read the rest of this entry

Lisa Gawlas: Dress Rehearsal is Done! We Go Live As We Enter March!

lisagawlas2Written by Lisa Gawlas | Thanks to Lucas2012infos.

When I woke up yesterday with an email from telling of an X4.9 class flare that had just erupted from the sun, I strapped myself in, knowing things are going to get intense, but not knowing exactly how.  I expected the headache that always comes when the sun spits so strongly, but didn’t happen.  The moment the readings started, I knew where all that energy went… straight to the heart of Gaia.

Just before my day of readings started, something within me felt reduced to zero point.  Like a still point where nothing prior to that moment existed.  Part of me worried/wondered if I am going to be able to “see” and connect that is how empty I felt.

The moment my first lady showed up, I knew something was different in the field of Light, holy intensity batman!  The entire earth I call Eden raised her vibration to a whole new level.  As I sit here trying to pull together all the elements that came thru in a vastly different way thru each person, 2 hours later (grumble) I finally see the bigger interconnections!! Read the rest of this entry

Lisa Gawlas: Ohhh The Energies! Assimilate, Please Don’t Clear

the-colors-of-emotionWritten by Lisa Gawlas | Thanks to the Galactic Free Press.

If I could label yesterday with two words, it would be chaos soup!  Thru every connection I didn’t know if I was coming or going or just plain old broken!!  Every time we get into a connection and one or more of my “antenna’s” aren’t working, I always assume its on me, because until this massive shift, it has been on me.  Well, yesterday schooled me in a whole new way… again!

My first lady on the field flooded my vision with various kinds of long stem flowers, super soft pink roses, white carnations and others I just couldn’t pick up in my vision but knew there where there too.  These flowers were weaving themselves in and out of top of her magnetosphere starting from the left (physical life side) as they got to the center, I couldn’t see them any longer.  But seeing doesn’t tell the story, it just helps to make it clearer in understanding.  I understand what I am seeing by what I feel in the visuals and the audio input from our team, both of which were completely missing. Read the rest of this entry

Lisa Gawlas: Multidimensional Self’s, Interplanetary Beings and Big Balls of Creation!!

lisagawlas2Written by Lisa Gawlas | Thanks to Lucas2012infos.

I should have known by the way I woke up yesterday, it was gonna be a super intense day.  I woke up the first time about 3 am with this strange pressure in my head, like my brain was expanding.  Looking out my window, the full moon was streaming into my window and then I found my way back to sleep, only to wake up a 4:45 with that same pressure, but with additives.  Ya know that place where you are no longer asleep, but not all the way awake yet, that where this happened.

I could see this funnel of white light coming into my third eye, with that light, the pressure in my cranium intensified.  Then, I was looking at this thing, maybe a thin holographic version of an iPad or tablet viewing something that looked like facebook, but wasn’t facebook.  It was showing me one of my appointments for the day “Bill Willard.”  I knew it was not a mistake or typo, but I also knew it meant Bill Ballard.  Especially since he was literally on my agenda for the day.

As I got up and the pressure in my head subsided, I realized that an aspect of him that lives on a very different dimension than ours, really wanted to get my attention, and it did.  But I will get to that in a moment.  (smile) Read the rest of this entry

Lisa Gawlas: The River, the Ocean and Paradise

returning to SourceWritten by Lisa Gawlas | Thanks to the Galactic Free Press.

I remember as a young teenager living in a group home for girls run by the Catholic Diocese, they would take us snow skiing every week in the Pocono Mountains.  We would have to drive thru a town called Paradise.

There was not a week that I had seen that sign that said “Welcome to Paradise” that something inside of me didn’t stir.  Kind of like a sign post that felt so familiar on the outside and left a deep longing on the inside.

I really feel every one of us is innately born with that knowing, that thing that says Paradise can be Here, if we work towards it.  But somewhere along the way, we decided to work for money and a material security instead.  Mass beliefs and mass creation within those beliefs. Read the rest of this entry

Lisa Gawlas: We Are The “Divine Source Of Existence.”

lisagawlas2Thanks to Lucas2012infos.

There is so much I want to share in understanding today, I pray I can get it all out and more importantly, get it out clearly for all of us to digest and incorporate.

As each reading unfolded yesterday, I started to get a lot of side notes of understanding thru the day.  I think the best way to share this information is with one of my incredible pieces of art (smirk.)

between the worlds

Every one of us started out in that old 3D world.  We had to know intimately all the laws of duality, all that we were capable of with and with the light of love basking in our hearts.  Once we finished up living as the darkest aspect of our selves in created reality, a little light switch started to go on, and we embarked on the adventure of getting out of the density of duality and eventually started to live in that place called “between the worlds.”

We have been there for such a long time, eons of lifetimes, adding more and more pure light to the density of our own biology and the world in which we found our way out of, that it seemed like this is where we would live for ever more. Read the rest of this entry

Lisa Gawlas: The Anointing of the Garden of Eden

lisagawlas2Thanks to Lucas2012infos.

I think this morning, more than any morning ever before this one, I sit at this computer filled with an overwhelming reverence that just seeps from my pores out to you.  The internal work you had to do, the struggles you have overcome, the intense bravery it has taken for you to dare to live a truth beyond the box of limitations.  Thru it all, Here you are.  In joy, in excitement, in Hope.

Especially thru these last two years in my life, You have taken up the role of parent, of sibling, of child, all within my world and together, we have grown ourSelf’s, shattered illusions together, celebrated and cried together.

We Are, Family of Light.  I love you madly and deeply and thank you for loving me, caring for me, so much in return. Read the rest of this entry


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