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Spiritual Guidance: Out of Darkness Comes Light

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

The higher dimensions are unlike anything we could easily describe through even the most willing and receptive channels. It’s easier for fourth-dimensional souls to describe what their realms are like, because even though they’re etheric in nature, they’re relatively similar to yours.

The fifth dimension entails a level of bliss that’s very difficult to express, but many of you carry latent memories of this bliss because you can unconsciously feel and remember your previous experiences in a higher state of consciousness. Many of you have come to the earth from the fifth dimension to be of service to the awakening humanity, and some incarnate souls have come from dimensions much purer than the fifth.

All are united in our endless quest to help humanity and every other lower-dimensional civilization evolve, and no matter our state of consciousness, we work together to raise awareness and bring light to the darkest and most lost places. The light of Source can’t be avoided or stamped out for too long on any planet, and eventually, the pull toward the light is irresistible, even for the ‘darkest’ soul. Read the rest of this entry

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Spiritual Guidance: The Light of a Brand New Day

Conveyed through Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

Vibrations that are purer than you can yet imagine are making their way to your evolving minds and hearts, and if you let yourselves believe that spiritual evolution is real, you’ll experience the benefits it has to offer.

Let your mental perception fade, even if only for a moment, and open up to the blissful reality of your existence. You’ll find that it isn’t hard after you conquer a few necessary hurdles, and after you’ve put in the work, your ability to be an immense force for change will be much stronger.

Your ability to feel and radiate the higher-dimensional energy you’re being given will sharpen immensely when you let yourselves dissolve the mental constructs you’ve put around it. Embrace meditation and make a continual effort to dissolve the influence of the ego self, for in doing so, you’ll access the bliss so discussed in channeled communications. Read the rest of this entry

The Pleiadian Council of Nine: The Influence of the Light is Growing in Every Moment

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Your mainstream media will still not yet report the progress humanity as a collective is making with the purging of the dark souls from your collective society and influence, and this is because such media is still largely owned by those individuals.

You will find in the time ahead that free press is an absolute and just as will be so with your governments, souls in your mainstream media who display malevolent or service-to-self-based agendas will be kindly taken away from their positions and, depending on what their higher selves and their guides wish for them personally, will perhaps be rehabilitated of the negativity that would drive a malevolent perspective.

Higher Dimensional Rehabilitation

This rehabilitation we speak of is not anything that will be forced onto anyone and rather, will be an optional choice that we are quite confident many souls steeped in negativity will accept.

We speak (in part) of the souls who you refer to as “criminals” who have entered into a specific archetype and way of Living for their current Earth experience. They will be offered the choice to rid themselves of the negativity that has driven many of their perspectives for so very long and as goes without saying, every soul on your world who has been imprisoned under false means will be released and given redemption from the difficulty they have had to suffer because of the injustice continuing to take place on your world. Read the rest of this entry

The Pleiadian Council of Nine: Expect Much Truth and Light to be Brought Forth

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

As you grow as a collective and newer strides are reached, so do planned events change in minute or bold ways. There are many plans that have been set forth and some of these plans have been discussed but dear souls, not everything has been set in stone.

We should explain that we have been closely following every possibility and scenario that has been brought forth by the Angelic souls who are Guiding us in our endeavors in assisting Earth, and we have been convening with many different Councils over the best possible plans of action in relation to the neutralization of the elites on your world, who would otherwise continue to wreak havoc if our intervention would not take place.

Either way, bold and uprooting change is to be taking place on your world and currently, this change is occurring at a personal level within your cores as many of you are finding the intense uprooting of your former selves. The Light-holding that has been taking place on your world by so very many incarnate starseeds who have incarnated on your world for the very purposes of holding the Light, is seeing the collective consciousness shift in very profound ways and in ways that we have been anticipating for some time. Read the rest of this entry

The Light and Love of Creator is Perfect – Archangel Michael via Ron Head

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Today we will continue, as promised, by adding a most beautiful vision of grounding into the meditation we offered in yesterday’s message.

You will remember that we suggested you breathe Creator’s unconditional love and light into your crown, third eye, and down into your heart.  It is at this point that we would insert a further step into this beautiful exercise.  If you can now, imagine the love and light of Creator filling every cell of your body and flowing down into your solar, sacral, and root chakras.  Feel it getting stronger with every breath.  Allow it to reach downward now, into your loving mother, Earth.  Imagine it becoming roots, a growing system of roots reaching down, down, and down further and further into the heart of your planet, reaching deep, deep into the very center of her, finding her crystal core and wrapping firmly and lovingly around it. Read the rest of this entry

Calling in the Light of Ascension, Anchoring the Light in the NOW

~Divine unconditional Love flowing to Earth from the Celestial Realms~

Mediation through Rose – based on the Pleiadian Council of Nines call for collective action.

The Pleiadian Council of Nine: A Call to Humanity to Begin Utilizing your Collective Potential…

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Archangel Michael through Ron Head: The Light you Invoke Touches Everything, Heals Everything, Loves Everything

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We will speak of your newfound and expanding abilities in visualization and manifestation.  As you awaken, these are getting stronger and stronger.  It is also that the attempts to keep them subdued are getting weaker and weaker.  You do not yet, as a rule, see and understand the effects of  that; but we some of you do and are marveling at what you are feeling.  By agreement you are combining to create huge changes in the energies of this planet.  Huge numbers of you who have not, in your waking life, ever met are doing this.  We, of course, are doing so also.  And the effects are no longer small or deniable. Read the rest of this entry

Do you Hear the Sound of the New Light?? – Lisa Gawlas

Do You Hear the Sound of the New Light??

Dog Whistle

by Galactic Love Reporter Lisa Gawlas 

 March 9, 2012

There are days, often any more, I feel like a super computer constantly downloading and integrating new software.  By the end of my day… which starts and ends very early… I have no functioning brains to work with.  Yesterday, I really got to see what is happening within me thru my daily process of reading people.  My own personal molecules expand.  I become so loaded with Light energy that to do anything else.. impossible. Read the rest of this entry

The Ascended Masters: More and More World Leaders are Turning Toward the Light

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The incoming and accelerating energies of this current year in your planets history and cycle are calling for an end to all that has been based in the low vibrations and patterns of Living. All that is not of the vibration of Love is falling away, and as such many will find that they are no longer able to find happiness through the typical physical means. As these incoming energies are absorbed by you, your bodies are upgrading and preparing to absorb more pure increments of this energy, and as such your bodies and spirits need the proper Loving care.

We know and understand that it will be difficult for many of you to give up those physical things that have brought you happiness, but we also know that you will marvel at the prospect of feeling a Joy, a happiness that is so much greater, so much more Pure than what your various earthly crutches deliver to you, and the best part is that you will not have to ‘smoke’, ‘play’, ‘watch’, or even eat anything to find this joy, this everlasting Peace and pure ecstatic Harmony; it is freely available to all at all times! Read the rest of this entry

Wanderer Of The Skies – Greetings From The Federation – 4 January 2012

Greetings from the Federation:

There is much “afoot,” as the saying goes, on your world today. Keep your eye on the ball because those who seem of the light may not be and those who seem to be serving the Illuminati may, in fact, surprise you. We have extended our protection to those who are in most need of it at this time and have stopped massive efforts from the Illuminati to start a major conflict in the cradle of your civilization. We cannot allow this to happen since plans must go forward towards the inevitable. Read the rest of this entry


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