This section has been established to provide links to the music written and performed by yours truly, Wes Annac. Below you will find links to the music I have written and performed so far. Hope you like! :)

Look Up

No More

No Woman No Cry - Acoustic Bob Marley Cover

Build the Future

Love is My Religion Acoustic - A Ziggy Marley cover


My Voice (Newer Version)

Soul Purpose (No Need to Wait)

Along the Curve

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  1. Hi Wes Its pretty obvious you are a starseed as well as I too I see that you are
    lover. of music.Music is an expression of ones soul.I should know.I am
    what Dolores Cannon calls a first waver.I am a musician too. It is my main passion in life and I am sharing my gift to the world.If you or anyone else is
    interested type in rob Buxton or childofuniv1 on youtube.Love and Light

  2. Molly Henning

    I would like to use the picture from “Remember our Heaven” in our Alzheimer’s support group if I may. Do you sell posters of it or can you direct me to the source please ?
    Thanks so much!

  3. Dear,Wes,Ive been trying to get a hold of you.not sure if I got the right I was never a channeler but,through spiritual dispensation,i am taking on the form of a lyrical Lightworker,i though I would have to give up music,as both a mc and producer,but nope.any way,I want to send my songs as a Lyrical lightworker to you for your page,as a way to give back to all Lightworkers. I sent emails to you,but if you don’t get them,send me a link,and ill send them to you,Peace and harmonious thoughts to you.Galactic Rebel.Nlow

    • Feel free to share your lyrics, Nick. It’s always great to hear a conscious song or read an inspired writing from a fellow lightworker! If you want, you can either share them here in the comments or leave me an email at

      Thanks for your work for humanity.

      Much Love :)

      • Hay wes thanks for getting back to me,ya i sent songs to that email,but here they r again,I have always wanted to be part of the page,but this is my method of channeling,Music,so i put my time and energy in Lyrical Lightwork,i was inspired by your music on the page,i realized i too could still use music to enlighten others,anyway,you have done readings for me in the past,so i felt like returning the compassion through song,its my way of adding to the collective,anyway,Nlow

      • Thank you for sharing! I think I have a copy of the lyrics in my email.

        Much Love! :)

      • Ya i never wrote down the lyrics ill send them later,ya hope you enjoyed the songs,thanks wes……..

  4. I loved the new article about the frequency of music,i have gotten in to the whole 432 hz recording myself that creates a better harmony,it what some Bob Marley song where recorded at,anyway check this out,its a cool video among many..The Cosmic 432 & The Musical Conspiracy – Part 1&2 on youtube………–enjoy-Nlow

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