Soon enough, the disinformation section of this website will not be needed as the concerted effort to spread negativity and cause infighting on various spiritual and alternative news websites will not be a problem. The controlling interests who maintain influence through wealth and power and who have been called the “cabals” have orchestrated a large dissemination effort of negativity and sheer disinformation on the internet, which comes in many different forms.

No matter what you read on the internet – be it a piece of alternative news, a channeled message or anything else – you are strongly encouraged to use discernment because there is a lot of disinformation and a lot of purposeful hate, negativity and separation being floated around as I write this.

In the time ahead as we work to establish our New Paradigm, we will not have to worry about the cabals or their disinformation efforts because their influence, wealth and power will have diminished even more than it has now and they will see their actions in attempting to keep humanity down, exposed.

For now, they continue to make up corporations that hire people to post on spiritual and alternative news websites and forums.

Ascension, the Galactics and the assistance they are giving us (as well as spirituality) is picked apart and slandered by people whom you will find after reading the pages attached to this section, are paid to shape and mold public perception and opinion in whichever ways their employers, who are likely taking their orders from someone in a higher position, tell them to.

In the pages attached to this section of Aquarius Paradigm, you will find testimony from people who have been employed to spread and disseminate disinformation, as well as cause infighting and negativity to become rife on the websites and forums they’ve worked on.

You will also find my writings on the subject of disinformation “commenters” who are paid to go onto forums and websites and spread negativity and disinformation by way of commenting, and you will find analysis from Giordano Bruno of how disinformation is spread and the efforts that are being employed.

This type of thing needs to be exposed, as do all of the actions of the cabals in keeping us back and attempting to confuse us, if we wish to initiate ourselves into our New Paradigm. We need to stand up to the cabals and their purposeful orchestrations, and let them know that we possess the truth and that no amount of unfair play or disinformation will take that from us.

Many thanks for being here, and for your continued dedication to serve the Light and to serve truth.

Wes Annac

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  1. I AM so happy to see you here! Thank you for assisting Lightworkers, like me, on The Path of Ascendence!

  2. yeah,hmmm…i’m wondering,what’s greg’s deal-anyone know anything-what’s everyone think? i love greg…but i think he’s trippin,yo-can someone talk to him-remind him it’s not all about greg-haha

  3. Hello Wes,

    My name is Jessica Spencer and I host an online radio show called Ascended Radio and I would love for you to be on. My intent is as all other Lightworkers is to assist humanity in waking up to their Divine Nature. I’ve read several of your blogs and just listened to a radio interview. Let me know what you think or if we can schedule a time. Thank you for all you do.

    • Hello Jessica,

      Your offer sounds quite intriguing. Would you like to add me on Skype? (Skype name: Wes Annac) We can talk about the interview further from there. :)

      Many thanks!

      Wes :) :)

  4. Hi !! Love my dear, I am coming here to you today, cause I saw a message this morning that made me wonder if this was a real message from guides, or angels & so on. The question I have is that when i was reading that message, I got a weird vibe that it might be an impostor, that infiltrated the star seed nine channel. I am still a baby in these matters,but it was very aggressive in asking for us to decide, should they come now or what you need to decide now !! I was thinking is this our guides trying very hard to contact us or the other guys, trying to get us to get on some ship that is not friendly, to the light workers.I am still not getting messages clearly yet so, could I ask you to try to contact my guides, to see if they are really who they say they are, or an impostor trying to get us to get on the wrong ships ? Well if you are not sure maybe you could check out the star seed nine you tube channel & see the message for your self. If you could email me back personally . I would be very gracious to you !

  5. Sorry it is star seed nyne channel

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