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MotherGod’s Awakening Sessions – The Co-Creation of the New Earth has Begun

The Galactic Free Press

Amazing Awakening Sessions ~The Co Creation of The New Earth Has Begun~ Follow the Signs ~Humanity we are Here for you for your Real Awakening~

Contact MotherGod at

Attention All Wavers and You Know who You are, ITS THE Moment! You can Contact Mother God, The Earth Allies and The First Ground Crew Team For More Information. We also Have an Entourage of Beings Now working with us to work with you, such as The Elohim, Kryon, St Germain, and Archangel Michael.

In these Sessions we will be giving you information for the next steps and We will be assisting you in Preparing and giving you the tools to Walk Home into 5th Dimensional Frequencies to Begin Living and Being Love Everywhere Present. We will Represent the New Paradigm and be the Examples of Living Love On Planet Earth=Heart. The Co Creation of Heaven On Earth Has Begun! Be Present and Follow the Signs Home, You will Be guided. Read the rest of this entry

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Rachel Snyder: The World Needs You Now

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Andrea Scully: Rachel is a fearless poet who has her own blog, “BE WHOLE NOW, Intelligent Inspiration for Evolving Humans”.  She writes about consciousness and courage, with the intent to inspire.

This piece below is talking about us and where we are right here and now.  Thanks, Rachel, for this beautiful share.  With these sentiments, I completely agree.

Please visit her blog for the audio version.

The world needs you now,

More than you know.

More than you can imagine.

The world needs your gifts.

Your heart.

Your compassion.

Your understanding.

Your ability to listen

To speak

To feel

And to act.

The gifts that only you can give,

In the way that you and you alone can give them.

 The time for holding back is over.

The time for believing that you are not good enough,

Not ready enough

Not wise enough

Has passed.

The time for fearing that you are too good,

Too powerful

Too magnificent

Too intelligent,

No longer exists.

You have run out of excuses.

You have exhausted every reason why you cannot be

Exactly who you were placed here to be.

Your usual distractions no longer distract.

Your strategies for staying small

For resisting the call to awaken

Are dead.

The world needs you now,

More than you know.

In the Great Circle of Life,

A space has been held for you

Since before Time began.

As you wandered, as you explored,

Your shoes waited, marking your place.

No one else approached,

For these shoes could only be filled by you.

You agreed to step into them when you were ready

To take your rightful place on the Circle.

And now, you are ready.

You are bored with your own self-absorption.

You choke and gag on your endless self-reflection and

Your belly is filled with an urgency

To leave jobs behind and embrace your real Work.

Now, at the exact moment that the world needs you,

You have uncovered and recovered and discovered enough

So that your authentic self can see the light of day.

So that you can step into the shoes that have been

Waiting for you since before time began.

Every moment that you delay,

Widens the hole in the web of existence.

For you are an essential ingredient,

Without which Creation is incomplete.

Global harmony rests in the palm of your hand.

Planetary peace will simply not be attained without Your heart Your mind Your spirit.

The world needs you

And the world needs you now.

More than you know.

More than you can ever imagine.

Video: Why Humans Are So Dangerous, According To A Hypothetical Extraterrestrial Species

sage:  Although this is meant completely tongue-in-cheek, it is very revealing as to how we Earthlings might be viewed by others.

By Cate Matthews, Huffington Post – January 14, 2014 | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Warning: there may be humans about! Prepare to duck and cover as real life writer and filmmaker Tom Scott dissects all those things that make our species potentially unique and a hypothetical threat to intergalactic peace.

There is, of course, no actual Interstellar Safety Council (that we know of), but the analysis of our planet’s theoretical strengths and weaknesses is definitely interesting. We didn’t realize, for example, that 2 percent of our mass was made up of microorganisms — or that someone ate an airplane. Watch out, worlds.

Waking Times – Amanda Froelich: This New Finding Explains Why Bees Are Disappearing

Amanda FroeFlickr - Honey Bee - BotheredByBeeslich, Guest for Waking Times,

The secret is out – bees have been disappearing for almost a decade now, and scientists are scrambling to understand why. Some sources relay that the colonies all across the world are vanishing due to pesticides, electromagnetic frequencies, mites, and even GMO crops, but what researches have recently found to be the cause of the bee catastrophe will shock you.

According to a recent report in Quartz, a first-of-its-kind study determined that large numbers of bees are dying due to cross-contamination of pollen and various pesticides. Read the rest of this entry

Tens of Thousands Protest Against Niger Government

niger protestsReuters – December 28, 2013 | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Tens of thousands of opposition supporters staged a protest rally on Saturday against what they said was the failure of President Mahamadou Issoufou to improve living standards in Niger, one of the world’s poorest countries.

The rally, in the capital Niamey, was the largest in Niger since pro-democracy protests against then-President Mamadou Tandja that helped to block his bid to serve a third term and ushered in a military coup that toppled him in February 2010.

It was the first public show of strength by the Alliance for the Republic, Democracy and Reconciliation in Niger (ARDR), a coalition of 15 opposition parties formed in October. Last month, a court lifted a government ban on opposition marches. Read the rest of this entry

Natural Society – Elizabeth Renter: Could Marijuana Compounds Treat Brain Damage from Alcohol?

marijuana neuro 263x164 Could Marijuana Hold the Key to Treating Brain Damage from Alcoholism?By Elizabeth Renter, Natural Society,

Excessive alcohol consumption takes a toll on your health in various ways. It’s linked to a variety of health ailments including liver disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and even brain damage. But a recent study from the Universities of Maryland and Kentucky indicates a special potential treatment for warding off and even reversing such brain damage caused by alcohol—cannabidiol (cannabis).

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in marijuana. It doesn’t contain any psychoactive constituents, which means it doesn’t get you high. But it is linked to numerous health benefits. Read the rest of this entry

Aisha North: The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 382

Thanks to Lucas2012infos.      

AishaNorthYou have perhaps already managed to tap into the new force that sits ready and waiting for you dear ones, the force that will bring you all the way across that threshold you seem to have been hovering before for such a long time now. You see, this is indeed an exciting time for you all, as you have all been readied for this final stage of this enormous salvage operation, if we may use such a word, but now, things will start to get into the swing as it were.

You see, these times will not go unnoticed by anyone, as the heightened levels of energetic emissions that will hit your own personal atmosphere have never been higher, and as such, they will have a deep impact on you all. We are well aware that for most of you, the impact you have registered so far can perhaps not be described as entirely positive, if positive at all, for they can mainly be described as deep and throbbing pain within your physical tissues and as anxiety, unease and perhaps even anger on your mental level. Read the rest of this entry

Video: Christmas Day UFO ‘Drops’ Another UFO Over Mexico

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Stephen Cook: This video was posted on YouTube by user Jmhz71 on Christmas Day, December 25, 2013

It appears to show a UFO, or orb, ‘birthing’ or releasing another UFO into the air above Tijuana, just south of San Diego, on the US-Mexico border.

As you’ll see, the lightship appears to clone itself.


Stephen Cook: 2013 – What’s Changed This Year?

2013By Stephen Cook, the Golden Age of Gaia,

With just three days to go until 2013 has transitioned to 2014, I wonder what great and amazing things await us all?

Each and every day lately, I awake with the sense that something ‘big’ is about to happen. That feeling of anticipation has continually increased, especially in this last month.

On my final Lift Your Spirit radio program for the year last Saturday, titled December 21 – One Year On…What Now?, Linda Dillon and I talked at length about some of the big changes that we each have witnessed this year. To hear what we talked about in detail, click on the show link at the end of this article. Read the rest of this entry

Waking Times – Chris Bourne: Inner Alchemy: A Bridge Between Worlds

Flickr - Bridge - eduardomineoChris Bourne, Openhand Contributor, Waking Times,

A new paradigm of being is opening up. It is here all around us. But sometimes it’s extremely hard to balance the connection to this ‘new world’ with living day-to-day in society, especially because not everyone is yet reading from this divine ‘script’. It can sometimes feel like it’s one or the other. Integrating one into the other can seem a nigh on impossibility, but it is not. Here’s where the tactile, empathic nature of the soul – the ‘diplomat’ – comes into it’s own: intuiting and feeling the flow of ‘rightness’ in any given situation, yet molding and blending it into this material world for maximum unraveling and realigning impact. You can live your truth, honour the alternative truth of another, yet not compromise your soul… Read the rest of this entry


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