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An Interview About Human Destiny — Questions by Kristina Gailiute and Answered by Brad Austen

An Interview About Human Destiny — Questions by Kristina Gailiute and Answered by Brad Austen

What guides our destiny? Is it so important nowadays?

It is our soul that ultimately guides our destiny, but also our ego personality and free-will choices plays a part in our life. For many of us our soul is only a faint whisper unless we learn to quiet our minds and go within. One way of doing this is through meditation.

We also have a team of spirit guides that guide us on our journey in life. We have free will, which is a gift, but there are universal laws such as cause and effect that allow us to experience the results from our choices and actions. We can then reflect on the choices we have made. If we aren’t happy with the outcome we can strive to make wiser choices in the future. Read the rest of this entry

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Neale Donald Walsh: What is Absolute Truth?

neale donald WalshBy Neale Donald Walsh, CWG – April 18, 2014 – | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent my whole life looking for my truth outside of myself.

First, I found it in my parents, who were my earliest authority figures, and who I assumed spoke Nothing But The Truth on everything.

Second, I found it in my family members–my older brothers, my aunts and uncles and the relatives with whom we visited. All of them, to some degree, were authority figures.

Then, I placed my schoolteachers in that category. My earliest teachers were nuns and priests, as I went to Roman Catholic elementary schools. The nuns taught us every day and the priest came in once a week for catechism class. I learned about God and about Life from these individuals, whom I assumed to be impeccable sources. Read the rest of this entry

Steve Beckow: Archangel Gabrielle’s Plan of Containment

archangel gabrielWritten by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

I was asked recently why, in the call to end gender persecution (1) and subsequent articles, I didn’t mention Archangel Gabrielle’s proposal.

AAG asked us to place men who persecute women into the light box she’s created and which I’ll describe again below.

Such an action is not at all harmful to the people concerned, and, according to Archangel Michael, is the quickest and most effective way to stop the harm being done to women globally.

The reason I didn’t is that those articles were intended to go to a much wider readership than just lightworkers who follow the channeled messages. Read the rest of this entry

Christina Sarich: Monsanto’s RoundUp Poison 125 More Dangerous Than Regulators Admit

pesticides roundup glyphosate toxic 263x164 Monsanto’s RoundUp Poison 125 Times More Dangerous than Regulators AdmitWritten by Christina Sarich, Natural Society.

If someone opened up a bottle of arsenic, would you drink it? This is a ridiculous rhetorical question, but if you asked regulators – would you eat a chemical concoction that has been found to be 125 times more toxic than glyphosate, the main toxic ingredient found in Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide? It seems an equally insane inquiry, but even after numerous highly alarming studies published in journal after journal questioning the validity of Monsanto’s claims that RoundUp is ‘safe,’ government agencies continue to allow the herbicide to be sprayed. Will this latest study be the one to break them from their poison-induced lunacy?

A new study just published in the journal Biomedical Research International reveals that despite the still reputation of agrochemicals being relatively harmless, formulations like Roundup herbicide are far more toxic than regulators have previously revealed. So – either they already knew this and refused to share it with the public, or some of them just had no idea how powerfully debilitating these chemicals could be when used together.

Many regulatory agencies administer tests to look at isolated chemicals to determine in what parts per million they become toxic to humans and the environment. Far too many chemicals are used than the agencies have the capability and funds to actually test for any length of time to determine their true interaction with other chemicals already in the environment. But this study goes even further, and determines that RoundUp – and its combined chemical ingredients – are 125 times more toxic than glyphosate alone.

Isolating a chemical completely loses the synergistic effect of the compound interactions that take place between multiple chemicals, and therefore does not give an accurate picture of what the chemical(s) can do. Any biologist or chemist could tell you this.

The study, titled “Major pesticides are more toxic to human cells than their declared active principles,” looks at the ‘inert’ chemicals, or the adjuvants, in 9 major chemical groups that are used globally in agricultural practices due to Big Ag monopolies: 3 herbicides, 3 insecticides, and 3 fungicides.

Read: Glyphosate Ban Demanded in Brazil

The study details how Big Ag deceives the public about the true toxicity of these chemical formulations using semantics. By focusing on only one chemical at a time, they can ‘isolate’ the results and claim that they are ‘safe’. This, even though in isolation, a chemical like glyphosate is already toxic in the parts-per-trillion range. You can imagine what happens when other toxic chemicals are then added to the mixture.

If you’ve ever made a batch of cookies, you can understand what happens to a recipe if just one thing is slightly off, or you add too much of one thing, or not enough of another. Instead of a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies, you can end up with dough that can bounce, or concrete-hard cookies that no one would want to eat. Apply these same principles to herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides, and you get the idea – only we aren’t dealing with benign ingredients like eggs and organic flour. We are talking about highly volatile, toxic elements.

As the paper details, it isn’t one ‘active principal’ which is poisoning us, it is a complex formulation that is killing us all at a level determined ‘an acceptable level of harm’ based on the FDA’s ridiculous daily-intake levels:

“Pesticides are used throughout the world as mixtures called formulations. They contain adjuvants, which are often kept confidential and are called inerts by the manufacturing companies, plus a declared active principle (AP), which is the only one tested in the longest toxicological regulatory tests performed on mammals. This allows the calculation of the acceptable daily intake (ADI)—the level of exposure that is claimed to be safe for humans over the long term—and justifies the presence of residues of these pesticides at “admissible” levels in the environment and organisms. Only the AP and one metabolite are used as markers, but this does not exclude the presence of adjuvants, which are cell penetrants.”

Furthermore, researchers found that the chemical adjuvants can make a single chemical 10,000 times more toxic than the chemical alone. So maybe you could be exposed to glyphosate by itself and be fine after 100 exposures as a farmers, but when you add everything together, you are playing dodge ball with disease. The secondary side effects that overshadow the main ingredient cannot be overlooked.

Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD commented on this phenomena in connection with the study recently on her blog:

“Similar to the non-placebo-controlled trials on vaccines, adjuvants and preservatives are considered innocent bystanders in the consideration of risk profile.” According to Dr. Brogan, an understanding of toxicant synergy has exploded the simplistic supposition that “the dose makes the poison.”

If regulators don’t do something about this now, all we can do is assume that they meant for this to happen. Killing people by the millions with chemical warfare isn’t a new game. It’s been around for ages, but it stops. . .NOW.

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Rod Morin: What is Chi?

Wiki-Tai_Chi_ChuanRod Morin, Contributor for Waking Times,

Many, many, sages, scholars, researchers and laymen have attempted to answer the perplexing question of – What is Chi?

The simplistic answer most often used is that Chi is “vital energy” or Chi is the “life force”, but this answer falls well short of addressing the apparent complexity of Chi.

Referring to Chi as just vital energy would be like me saying that I am Rod Morin. A name is just a label. A name does not address the millions of intricacies that combine to make me, who and what I am. Read the rest of this entry

Will Harader: Selfishness and Selflessness – Two Sides of the Same Coin

Written by Will Harader, The Galactic Free Press.

To those used to dualistic thinking, these two things might seem completely different, but selfishness and selflessness are more closely related than one might believe. That’s part of the illusion of duality, it takes something Whole, chops it in half, then tells you that you have to choose one or the other. Such limited thinking.

Selfishness, that’s believing you’re more important than others. Selflessness, that’s believing others are more important than you. There’s the illusion right there, the “more important” concept. Which part of Creation is more important than some other part? God doesn’t create “more important” parts of the Universe, those who believe that don’t understand Oneness or Unconditional Love. The Whole couldn’t be Whole if it was missing a part, every single part is essential, none more important than another. The whole concept of “more important” is really just judgment created by a limited mind.

Life can’t be lived dualistically, not unless you want to attract all sorts of suffering and ignorance into your life, and that’s not really living anyway. The whole defining yourself as being selfish or selfless, that’s part of the ego identity. What if you see everyone as Equal? What if you consider both yourself and others in your decisions? Then the whole selfless/selfish duality starts to lose all meaning.

I’ve seen more than a few people make themselves miserable because they allowed themselves to be taken advantage of, calling it “selflessness”. I’ve seen more than a few people make themselves miserable by selfishly taking advantage of others. See how these things feed into each other? The “selfless” often enable abusive and selfish behavior in others and deem this “kindness”. Like any dualistic concept, one “side” feeds into the other. Many, perhaps most, of the people who believe they’re selfless are doing so for selfish reasons. They believe that being selfless is going to rewards them in this life or the next, and that being selfless is going to make them a “good person”.

Ultimately, you’re only in charge of yourself, and you are the center point in your life. This isn’t an excuse to be selfish, it’s just how things are. Not including yourself in your decisions is not only foolish, it’s impossible. Neglecting yourself creates unhappiness and resentment within yourself, and that doesn’t help other people at all, it just poisons interpersonal relationships. Discovering Love and Peace within yourself is key, and this is one of the greatest things you can do for other people as well. It’s only when you find Love within that you can really share it with others, and through this Love grows even bigger. That’s how God Is, God doesn’t pick one thing and neglect another, God’s Love flows freely to both equally. That’s true healing, Unconditional Love, not the dualistic thinking of selfish/selfless.


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Rajneesh on Imitation

Thanks to The Galactic Free Press.

You can sit like a Buddha, you can close your eyes like a Buddha, you can use the same posture, you can sit under the same kind of tree, you can eat the same kind of food in the same quantity, you can sleep the way Buddha used to sleep, get up at the time Buddha used to get up – you can do everything in the minutest detail exactly like a Buddha, but it will be all acting; it won’t make you an awakened one.

Imitation will make you very stupid, unintelligent. It is the way of the mediocre. Beware of it. In the inner world – and that is the world I am concerned with and that is the world you are here for – imitation won’t help not at all. You have to drop imitating completely, totally entirely, because each individual is unique, so unique that if he imitates anybody else he will miss his uniqueness, and in that uniqueness is his spirit, is his very being. In his uniqueness is hidden his god.

Cannot you observe that Jesus happened only once? And for two thousand years, how many people have tried to imitate him? Millions. And how many have become Jesus Christ? Not a single one. The same is true about Zarathustra, about Lao Tzu, about Buddha, about Mahavira, about Krishna. Not even a single person has been able to repeat, and it is not that people have not tried; people have tried in every possible way. Millions of people have tried to be like Buddha – who would not like to be like a Buddha? – but they have all failed, utterly failed. Is it not a great lesson to be learned?

Just open your eyes and see that God never creates two persons exactly similar; he does not repeat.

He is really a creator.


Unhindered Liberation – Part 1/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

We’re returning to the freedom we’ve always been meant to have as we learn to express the myriad divine qualities that liberate us from the confining mind, and deep down, we’re all free and sovereign souls who are encouraged to reclaim our independence and the love it comes with.

To be free is to be in a state of unconditional love and acceptance, far away from the stresses of the mind, and it’s hard for most people to reach this state because they’ve been subjected to a reality of mental and spiritual confinement all their lives.

A growing number of us are freeing ourselves from the shackles of self-instated oppression that have weighed us down for so long, and we’re being guided to consciously declare our freedom by living in the liberated heart space. We’re facets of our infinite and all-loving creator, and Source never wanted us to exist in an oppressed reality. Read the rest of this entry

Spiritual Guidance: Out of Darkness Comes Light

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

The higher dimensions are unlike anything we could easily describe through even the most willing and receptive channels. It’s easier for fourth-dimensional souls to describe what their realms are like, because even though they’re etheric in nature, they’re relatively similar to yours.

The fifth dimension entails a level of bliss that’s very difficult to express, but many of you carry latent memories of this bliss because you can unconsciously feel and remember your previous experiences in a higher state of consciousness. Many of you have come to the earth from the fifth dimension to be of service to the awakening humanity, and some incarnate souls have come from dimensions much purer than the fifth.

All are united in our endless quest to help humanity and every other lower-dimensional civilization evolve, and no matter our state of consciousness, we work together to raise awareness and bring light to the darkest and most lost places. The light of Source can’t be avoided or stamped out for too long on any planet, and eventually, the pull toward the light is irresistible, even for the ‘darkest’ soul. Read the rest of this entry

Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: The Tremendous Healing Power of Your Own Voice

soundwaveAngelic Guides: The Tremendous Healing Power of Your Own Voice, channeled through Taryn Crimi, April 17, 2014 at | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the healing power of your own voice. We touched upon the tremendous power of sound in one of our previous messages, however it is our intention today to introduce to you a particular aspect of sound that is unique to each one of you. We will first briefly touch upon some of the key points that were made in our previous message regarding sound. It is our intention to share with you our perspective on just how useful sound is in your reality, what it is capable of and how it works.

How does the sound of gentle meditation music have the ability to soothe even the most stressful situations? How is it that the beat of a drum can invoke a response within the body which can be chemically detected by measuring the increase of adrenaline being released? How is it that plants with seemingly no physical ears to “hear” have been known to bloom more regularly and grow faster when in the presence of classical music? Read the rest of this entry


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