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Welcome – What is a New Paradigm?


Hello, and welcome to this site. This website is based upon the idea that humanity is entering a new paradigm in our collective and individual existence, and in this introductory writing to The Aquarius Paradigm, I’ll explain just what this “new paradigm” is believed to be.

What is a New Paradigm?

A new paradigm is essentially what the name suggests: breaking away from our old and instated ways of living and being, in favor of a societal standard that works for every person on this planet. The new paradigm is being brought about in various different ways, even as we speak.

Individuals are working to merge science and spirituality, laying rest to dogmatic religion and un-allowing evolution-based science.

Millions of people are awakening in every moment to the reality of deeper realms of consciousness beyond our physical understanding, and there are devoted people at the forefront of our collective helping show us the way and lead us into a successful future as a species. Read the rest of this entry

The Aquarius Paradigm has been Re-Written and Updated!

newright41.jpgHello friends,

As you can see, some upgrades have taken place here on The Aquarius Paradigm. Much is still the same, but I’ve decided to give the site a different background to change up it’s atmosphere and if you look at the main menu at the top, you’ll see that much has been added here.

I’ve completely rewritten the section, “A New Paradigm”, as well as the sections devoted to the Pleiadians, the Ascended Masters and the Hathors. I’ve also rewritten “Ascension” and changed it to “Spiritual Evolution” and have introduced three new sections: “The Company of Heaven, “The Powers that Were” and “Empower Yourself”.

Some of my older writings/messages can now be found by hovering your cursor over “Classics” in the main menu at the top.

The purpose of this rewrite of nearly every section and the introduction of new ones is to provide as solid of a discussion on everything believed and discussed on this and so many other spirituality oriented websites as possible. I was led quite out of the blue to write out blueprints for this rewrite, and have worked quite a lot since then on developing the ideas and turning them into what you now see before you.

I’ll be posting what I’ve written for this blog in articles over the course of the next couple of weeks, and I should warn those of you who choose to read the new and updated pages that there’s a lot to read!

Much Love all, and thanks for continuing to tune-in.

Wes :)

Picture by PocahontasBrandy.

Steve Beckow: The Extent of Hunger in Our World

Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

Folks, I’d like to begin focusing on areas of the world’s unworkability that must be addressed if we’re to build Nova Earth.

The material below is taken from a Hunger Project presentation. The Hunger Project was begun by Werner Erhard to end world hunger. It was in the beginning an educational project, but I see in more recent times it has begun providing actual technological and financial assistance.

The Hunger Project would be an example of an organization where targeted or strategic gifting would have good impact.

For some of us, our work will begin with the announcement of the Reval. At a future date I’ll be discussing strategic gifting, channeling funds to make the maximum difference in the world. Here I’d like to begin to lay out the extent of the work that faces us, in the next phase of things. Read the rest of this entry

The Team via Peggy Black: You Affect the Quantum Field

Peggy BlackThe Team : You Affect the Quantum Field, as received by Peggy Black – April 16, 2014 – http://www.morningmessages.com | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

We are here once again offering you our gratitude as well as encouraging you to remember who you are. You are here in this timeframe, in this physical focus to support and assist the transformation of consciousness. You are the doorway, the portal and the anchor for the awareness of the oneness of all.

We certainly understand your feelings and sensations of separateness which your physical body provides. We know that you can feel the texture of your skin, the muscles that might be sore or tense, however this is only one small aspect of who you truly are. It is your focus because this reality is dense, and if you bumped your toe, it would certainly cause you a physical sensation of pain and discomfort.

However if you could see yourself as we observe you, you are swirling atoms of Light. You are energy vibrations, of color and sound. You sparkle and shine.

So we invite you to begin to imagine or sense this aspect of yourself as pure energy. Recognize and own that you are part of the whole. As pure energy you are connected and move with the energy of the quantum field of oneness. This is your true essence. Read the rest of this entry

Steve Beckow: The Firm Foundation of the Self

Meditation22Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

Under the impact of the subtle waves of love, I’m feeling drawn inward.

I absolutely understand the necessity of starting with one’s Self if one wishes to extend unity and love outward.

If that’s one’s aim, there doesn’t seem to be an alternative to establishing the firm foundation of loving all parts of ourselves, it seems to me.

Certainly, we know the Self to be the object of all spiritual paths. Our ultimate assignment is to know ourselves, as masters have said throughout the ages. Knowing our Self, we see that we’re none other than God – all of us. Since God is everything there is, not one of us could possibly be other than the One God. Read the rest of this entry

Lucas: The Last Fine Tuning Of That Picture Is In Progress

Written by Lucas, Lucas2012infos.

It seems the balance in knowing and feeling and being spiritual and also with your feet in this earth bedded needs to be found.  The spiritual only positive explanations are nothing else as another extreme polarity. The same counts for saying all is negative and dark and there is no light. It is promoting duality in denying the opposite to be real. Are you willing to get things back into balance and are you willing to leave the bullshit behind? You can not go on in the new by leaving a part of you behind. It needs to be acknowledged and addressed as part of you to become  balanced.

Intent is great word but intent can get corrupted along the way if you go into the old again or let yourself be taken back into it. In this transitional phase things are not easy as all that is out of balance will be over and over shown again to you to address it and learn to balance it.  Also extremes like the death of loved ones or people near you is part of that playing out last duality show off. The polarities get poured and hammered out to make place for harmony, balance, solutions working for all, etc.

All is the ongoing process we all individual are in and need individually be taking care off. Take it as it comes in the now. The harshness in the one moment can be also showing in another moment the beauty of something new coming into your life. All is and will be in the end finding its place back in neutrality. Do not prolong your journey by keeping polarities going. There is no right or wrong as all just is. All is just a view or perception that has its own right to be there in the midst of all. In the neutral the cooperation and creation of new can start as humans will not see conflict anymore.

I see great things to be coming soon.  It is that what we will establish as we grown back into our new old roles as balanced heart-centered individual creator beings. The world is changing every now moment. Nothing is as it was or will be as it is now and can be different the minute you see it, feel it or acknowledge it.  We are growing out of our time construct thinking and the induced upon you all cage of illusion. It is for some more apparent as others but  know it to  be for all when you have all managed your personal process.  Our way is sequential built till we shift and can all jump into the unknown new to explore reality of the now. The liquid reality will be ours soon.

I take of my hat for all that are here to contribute in their way towards our journey upon this planet. It is what we came to do in the now. Know the transitional phase is hard on lots of us. Keep an open heart to all you can help in some way. Be there for your friends and family and fellow humans. We all sometimes need a hand, a little pad on the back, a big hug, or even support in advice or a bit of money.  The world in the new is about building it together not in exclusion but inclusion. Forget the old paradigm stuff and doctrines. In the new there will be no borders, circles around, no more  limits as things are built from our core beings that are conflictless.

Whatever happens it is just a journey you all will make and some chose that their roles were played out in the moment of now and transmuted their earthly body  into spirit. It is all just part of the journey and know you never die. There is only a transit from a body into the energetic being you are crossing over in a new reality. We are here to live our lives in full. Just do what you came to do or will remember you came to do, it all part of the bigger picture. The last fine tuning of that picture is in progress.

Love you all.

Love and Light,


P.S. All the lightservers in service to all would love a donation today!

(c) 2014 –  Copyright of Lucas, all writings of Lucas maybe published, re-blogged and posted only in full without altering anything with  the http://www.lucas2012Infos.wordpress.com  link  mentioned in the article with name of the author Lucas.

Solitude Only Goes So Far

Written by Will, The Galactic Free Press.

I can understand the appeal of being alone, especially for the more spiritually oriented in our society. For years I didn’t have anybody I could really talk to about what I was going through, so much of my time was spent walking through nature by myself. However, being alone so much never really felt “right”, I always yearned for other people to interact with. I did have friends, but it was clear our paths were going in different directions, and being with them very much felt emotionally draining.

Before long I moved to the big city believing I could connect with more people there. Boy was I naive! There’s a term, “urban solitude”, which describes perfectly my experience in the city. You might think that more people together means more connection between them, but in the big city the opposite seems to be true.

I watched as people went out of their way to avoid personal contact with each other. It was fascinating to see people make an effort to not even look at each other. You could wave and say “hi”, but many people would react by looking down at the ground. All the people so busy trying to get someplace else that they’re barely aware of where they are.

After a few years in the big city I moved to a very small town with a more spiritually oriented community. This was a breath of fresh air compared to the city. I connected with more people in a week there than I did the years I lived in the city. Sure, the smaller communities have their drama and gossip, but the personal connection between people is there and it’s something very sacred.

Humans are social beings, and to really be Whole, you need personal relationships in your life. Not only that, but if we really want to start creating a New Earth, social interactions are essential. Changes aren’t going to come from a whole bunch of isolated spiritual people trying to do things their own way. The changes we need the most are only going to come through people working together. The world we have at the moment is one that’s been created largely through isolation and separation. Those things are some of the biggest issues we face, and more isolation is not going to help anybody.

What we need the most now is for people to come together out of Love, Joy and Equality. There’s such an amazing opportunity for individual and collective growth through that. So long as people rely upon things like fear to connect them, such as the case with nationalism and war, society will remain ignorant. There’s even spiritual teachers who promote isolation and separation, as if this is a way to find real peace in your life. Social development is very much part of the path back to Oneness, and sitting on the mountain top meditating all day can really halt your growth. If you’re only at peace when you’re alone, how peaceful are you really? It’s easy to be at peace when there’s nothing there to disturb you, anybody can do that, the challenge we face now is finding peace with each other.

People who rely upon solitude are really missing what Co-Creation means. It’s such an incredibly powerful catalyst for change when two or more people get together and work towards a shared vision. This is a very rare thing at the moment, it’s far more common that people rally behind some leader’s vision, a vision that most of the people who spread it don’t really have any direct influence upon. This happens frequently in spiritual communities, and it’s really separation masquerading as unity. The ones who control the vision may even say everyone is equal, but the way it really works is that some are “more equal” than others.

I’d also like to talk about the limits of online interactions. While the internet is a very useful tool for interacting with others, it’s also inherently limited in that respect. It’s not a real substitute for live interaction with another human being. The tone of another’s voice, their body language, their facial expression, so much of the subtleties and warmth that comes from personal interaction is lost when communicating over the computer. Not that I believe connecting with others over the internet is a bad thing, but it’s not a replacement for real live personal connections.

For the lonely, I offer this advice: Seek and ye shall find. When you’re by yourself, you can view it as an opportunity to learn to be happy with yourself. It’s a very useful thing for your social development too, as emotionally needy people are not much fun to be around. It’s really only when your confident and happy with who you are that you can have a truly healthy relationship with another.


The Galactic Free Press
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Knowing Whispers: Judgment

Thanks to The Galactic Free Press.


Judgments of the ego are what perpetuate the pain in our lives.


The mind declares what is right or wrong, according to society, but the truth is hidden within the soul of existence.


How can the mind and ego judge what is right or wrong when they have no control over the events in our lives? Mind and ego do not even understand them.


Suffering is how the mind and ego keep us trapped in false judgment. We want to escape, but are either afraid to, or we cannot emotionally see a way out of our suffering.


The last solution we feel is letting go, but the ego cannot allow that.  Ego must blame someone or something. We are always its first target, so it turns us against ourselves.

It is not possible to deny the pain, or our experiences, but it is possible – necessary — to surrender them to a wisdom within, one that is greater than our mind and ego.

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Heavenletters: True Realization

God said:

What is the difference between love and Truth? This is a very wise question I ask. I go so far as to say that love is the only Truth. All the rest that life in the world occupies is a matter of fiction, not fact even as it seems to be fact. The whole uproar on Earth is play. It is Make-Believe. It is Let’s Pretend.

And how very well My children pretend. They may pretend love away, and think that life is futile. Futile and illusion are not quite the same. One reason life seems futile to you is that it is ongoing. Even in distress, you have an idea of the continuity of life.

Because there is no end to life doesn’t mean it is futile. Life is purposeful. Even when life does not seem purposeful, it is purposed. Life is like a proposal. It is proposed in the Vastness of Eternity. The proposed is displayed on Earth. There is no end to the story. It is popularly believed that the story ends with death, and, yet, that is the farthest from the Truth.

Indeed, there are times when life does feel very unreal to you. How close you are to True Realization then.

And, so, life is a supposition. You suppose it. You suppose that life is this way or that way. You have your suppositions.

Meanwhile, life is mostly real enough for you, even as you recognize that you can hardly let it sink in, this fantastic story you live. Who can fathom that he is changing every moment and that the baby becomes an old man and life in the world goes on no matter what, no matter feast or famine, yet there is no famine when it comes to life because life always gets its steam up and rides the rails through the town. Hurray to life. It is a fertile field everywhere, even in a desert. Life surmounts itself. It is greater than you think even as it is nothing at all but a display sometimes like still life and sometimes like fireworks. Life on Earth can be anything it wants to be even as Life on Earth is a made-up thing.

Life is sometimes like a poor man’s porridge you sit down to. Sometimes it is a puzzle you work on. Sometimes it is a banquet. It is always a game, beloveds. Endless is Eternity, yet there is a different kind of endless you go through on Earth. You call indeterminable endless while it is you who is endless. Old Man Time does not really exist. He is a fraud, sometimes delightful and sometimes agonizing.

Nevertheless there is a return to the Solvency of True Life which is Love. Your attention returns to where there are no clocks and batteries are not needed. There are no stores that love comes from unless you consider that love comes from a store called the heart. There is Eternity, yet no storage. And yet there is Infinity, an Infinity of Infinity. Vastness is not the straight and narrow. It is vast!

Vastness is as vast as love, as far-reaching as love, as close as love. What could be closer than love? It may seem that love plays peek-a-boo, yet love is ever-present, omnipresent, as omnipresent as this so-called moment in which We commune right now. This is a never-ending moment, this Moment of Us.

Where does time go? It goes nowhere. It is nothing. It is like a sales campaign, and it does very well. Time is a surmise that gains a great following. Everyone on Earth has his nose to the grindstone of time, and the Adventure named Life continues on its way and reaches the timelessness of Heaven where every one has always been through it all anyway. Pass Go, and you will hear Me say, “Welcome.”


Duffy Doherty: The Stew of Consciousness

by Duffy Doherty

Thanks to The Galactic Free Press.

“The Stew of Consciousness” contains an infinite variety of perspectives (ingredients) … you and I are simply a part of the same stew. The Universe is unfolding with its purpose, and the stew is always changing.

 An attempt at isolating one’s personal (or collective) piece of potato behind an imaginary rampart is not going to inhibit the flavoring of the stew.
The stew will continue to simmer without regard to the Egoic fortresses sprinkled here and there, and spending one’s energy constantly defending the purity of one’s personal potato is only keeping them from savoring the stew in its entirety.

As much as our Ego tries desperately to see itself as apart from “All Things,” it and you are A PART of it … as significant as any other AND as insignificant as any other.  Anything other than a complete surrendering of the concept of separation is a deception, no more than a parlor trick, but one played on our self …
BEgin right now to notice your connection to everyone and everything. BEgin right now to notice that all of the separation you perceive is simply a matter of perspective, an imaginary fortress your Ego has built around your personal potato in an attempt at preventing any pollution from the Stew…

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Accessing Our Sacred Inner Gifts – Part 1/3

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

This is one of my aforementioned backed-up articles that I initially thought about not posting, but I feel like those of you out there who resonate with the channeled material discussed will appreciate this article.

Consciousness is expanding on earth like never before, and we’re being given an endless amount of guidance and advice about this expansion and our entrance into a higher state of awareness. Gradually, everyone’s beginning to become aware of the reality of our existence, and as we do, we seek to reclaim the deeper perception we’ve always had the ability to access.

Spiritual awareness will help us see the reality around us in a whole new way as we welcome the entrance of the light into our perspective, and every worry and concern will fade when our greatest expansions take place and we feel the spiritual warmth set in.

Expansion will entail a lifting of the oppressive weight that’s held us down for so long here in the lower dimensions, and this is why a growing number of seekers strive to expand as much as they can. Everyone deserves to become aware of the reality of spirit, and with our efforts, nobody will go without a spiritual understanding. Read the rest of this entry

Spiritual Guidance: You’re Constantly Channeling Energy and Information

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

You’re being guided to anchor a purer state of consciousness that’s far beyond anything you’ve yet felt or experienced on the earth, and an aspect of this process is learning to listen to your inner guidance; the intuitional voice that helps guide you through your happiest, and most painful, experiences.

Through this voice, you’re maintaining an active link with your higher self and the numerous guides who monitor and assist each of you in the unseen realms. Opening up to us within will help you strengthen your spiritual connections, which, in turn, will make your reception of the energy and information you’re receiving much easier.

You’re constantly channeling energy and information, and the act of channeling itself is simply an attunement to this energy that’s always being sent. In every moment, we’re communicating with you in the form of packages of energy with encoded information that, once received by the heart, the mind translates into the physical words you’re reading here. Read the rest of this entry


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