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Welcome to The Aquarius Paradigm!

I was informed last night that one of my brothers, who was 29 years old, passed away. As you can imagine, last night was a very busy and emotional night at the hospital with all of my family, and while I plan to try to be around as much as I can, there will be days when I have to take off for personal reasons and reasons related to the fallout from my brother’s death.

I’m sure you’ll all understand when I do have to take off, but again, I plan to still be around as much as I can in a situation like this.

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Welcome – What is a New Paradigm?


Hello, and welcome to this site. This website is based upon the idea that humanity is entering a new paradigm in our collective and individual existence, and in this introductory writing to The Aquarius Paradigm, I’ll explain just what this “new paradigm” is believed to be.

What is a New Paradigm?

A new paradigm is essentially what the name suggests: breaking away from our old and instated ways of living and being, in favor of a societal standard that works for every person on this planet. The new paradigm is being brought about in various different ways, even as we speak.

Individuals are working to merge science and spirituality, laying rest to dogmatic religion and un-allowing evolution-based science.

Millions of people are awakening in every moment to the reality of deeper realms of consciousness beyond our physical understanding, and there are devoted people at the forefront of our collective helping show us the way and lead us into a successful future as a species. Read the rest of this entry

The Aquarius Paradigm has been Re-Written and Updated!

newright41.jpgHello friends,

As you can see, some upgrades have taken place here on The Aquarius Paradigm. Much is still the same, but I’ve decided to give the site a different background to change up it’s atmosphere and if you look at the main menu at the top, you’ll see that much has been added here.

I’ve completely rewritten the section, “A New Paradigm”, as well as the sections devoted to the Pleiadians, the Ascended Masters and the Hathors. I’ve also rewritten “Ascension” and changed it to “Spiritual Evolution” and have introduced three new sections: “The Company of Heaven, “The Powers that Were” and “Empower Yourself”.

Some of my older writings/messages can now be found by hovering your cursor over “Classics” in the main menu at the top.

The purpose of this rewrite of nearly every section and the introduction of new ones is to provide as solid of a discussion on everything believed and discussed on this and so many other spirituality oriented websites as possible. I was led quite out of the blue to write out blueprints for this rewrite, and have worked quite a lot since then on developing the ideas and turning them into what you now see before you.

I’ll be posting what I’ve written for this blog in articles over the course of the next couple of weeks, and I should warn those of you who choose to read the new and updated pages that there’s a lot to read!

Much Love all, and thanks for continuing to tune-in.

Wes :)

Picture by PocahontasBrandy.

Evita Ochel: A Call to Come Together for Love, Peace and Healing

Photo - Evita OchelNote from Graham Dewyea: Evita was my guest on The Brilliance Within last week. You can listen to the show here:  The Brilliance Within – Awakening to Love, Joy and Harmony

By Evita Ochel, Evolving Beings, October 14, 2011 – http://tinyurl.com/ly59o42 | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

While the majority of the population still thinks that life on Earth is business as usual, fortunately or unfortunately, it isn’t.

No matter what your background is from a spiritual, religious, scientific or philosophical point of view, it is hard to deny that there isn’t something “bigger” happening on our planet right now. Whether you understand the significance of shift of Ages, or yourself as an energy being isn’t as relevant, as what you feel. For most people, the only truth is what is experienced personally. Read the rest of this entry

Scientists Create Crystalline Wonder Material, Graphene, in Kitchen Blender

An illustration of a graphene sheet at the atomic scale. Photo: iStock

Note from Stephen Cook: Interesting that this should come to light now, with graphene being a “crystalline allotrope” that’s “a million times thinner than paper, stronger than diamond, more conductive than copper.”

By Amina Khan, LATimes, April 22, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/kyozvfl | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

An illustration of a graphene sheet at the atomic scale. Photo: iStock

Scientists have found that they can create high-quality graphene sheets using a kitchen blender and ordinary dishwasher detergent.

The findings, published in the journal Nature Materials, outline a fresh way to create large amounts of this remarkable material – which could speed up the process of putting them into future computers, smart coatings and solar cells. Read the rest of this entry

Steve Beckow: The End of Separation – Part 3/3

Love 456Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

Matthew Ward – St. Matthew – told us as far back as 2008 how to escape the felt sense of isolation.

“Know that there is no separation between you and God or with all other souls in this universe.

“Trust your intuition, the messages from your soul to your consciousness.

“Let the love in your soul radiate out to the universe.” (1)

Separation from Source is, and always has been, impossible, Jesus tells us. Read the rest of this entry

Will Harader: Taking the Easy Road

Written by Will Harader, The Galactic Free Press.

Is spiritual awakening easy? There’s plenty of spiritual teachers out there who will tell you it’s totally effortless. You just do this, and this, and this, and BAM, you’re awakened! So why doesn’t it actually work that way for the vast majority of people? For most, spiritual progress is quite difficult. It’s not the magic cure-all they may have expected, in fact, it often makes people lives even more challenging.

For someone who’s already in the Flow, life is effortless. If you haven’t quite found that Natural Flow yet or if you keep going in and out of the Flow, life can be very difficult. For a person like this, it’s much easier to go along with a society that resists Source. It takes less effort to walk the heavily trodden paths that the vast majority of society is currently walking. You’re life is largely preplanned, what could be easier? And you’re surrounded by people who encourage you to keep walking that path. Ultimately though, it’s an unfulfilling and empty life filled with distractions from suffering, with actual healing and growth coming few and far between.

I’m not going to lie to you and say it’s easy to break out of that. It can be the most difficult thing you’ve ever done. I still recommended doing it, but I wouldn’t approach the Path back to God believing everything in your life is going to suddenly and magically fix itself. It may be quite the opposite, it may be that your whole life falls apart first. If you don’t see the bigger picture, this can be very painful. Sometimes that’s what it takes though to shake you free from your attachments. Your illusionary life breaks down so you can build something much grander.

You might get fired from your job. You might become homeless. You might travel great distances. You might get arrested. You may break up with your spouse. You might disconnect from your friends. You might grow distant from your own family. You may be shunned by society. All of these things are possible, though none of them are certain. You also may find people who accept you for who you are. You may find much more loving relationships. You may find beauty, wonder and adventure. You may find Yourself. The payoff is worth the risk, for those willing to go the distance.

Often, what is difficult is what’s worth doing the most. Challenging yourself can bring the fastest growth. Repeating the same patterns is usually what’s easiest, but chances are if you’re reading this, you’re someone who wants to break out of the old patterns. Only doing what’s easy is usually just laziness, though I would also be careful about working yourself to hard too. You need to go beyond those dualistic paradigms to find balance, and really connect with Source.

Ultimately, God is the “easy road” but getting there can be very difficult at first. The mountain is difficult to climb for the inexperienced, but it does get easier and easier and easier until it finally does become effortless. It just takes some effort to get there.


Knowing Whispers: The Heart Knows

For many, the search for love is unnatural and confusing. It is a mindless journey into the mind, ego, and imagination.
Love is unspoken, but it is known and felt through awareness, and we know it is love, by what we feel within.
The naive believe that you can find love, or steal it, from another, but no such possibility exists. Love is not an idea, an emotion, or something you can search for and find.  When your heart is ready to love, love will find you.

Love is a silent knowing of the truth between two people. It is an agreement between souls to heal and explore each other until the end of time.  It is a recognition within the oneness of the nature of all things.

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Heavenletters: An Artist of Life

God said:

No one likes to be wrong, and no one likes to admit he is wrong. Substitute the word mistaken. Mistaken is a little easier to swallow. Being mistaken is part of life, and so you grow. In this way, you can be glad you made a mistake, for through such errors, you grow. Do you like making mistakes? Not at all. And yet you grow, and so you climb another rung in the ladder of life.

A time will come when you are much less mistaken and come from understanding more.

It is a form of greatness to admit you learned something you needed to learn. This form of greatness is called humility. Yes, life humbles you. You noticed I said humbles you, not humiliates you. When you feel humiliated, even embarrassed, ashamed, when you deeply regret and feel emotion in regard to it, it is ego that makes you blush and humiliates you, and, by now, you know it’s time to get over ego, get past it. It is with yourself that you must let bygones be bygones. You take an action, yet you do not assail yourself about it. You know, dear ones, that ego pulls out theatrics. You don’t do theatrics any longer. Remove your coat of mail, your bullet-proof vest, your carrying of arms. No longer stomp on yourself. It is the same as your having spilled coffee. You simply wipe it up, and be done with it.

Be done with regrets. No one said you were perfect anyway. You told yourself you had to be perfect, and you made too big a deal of it. A mistake is a mistake. It is not unforgivable. You must forgive yourself, and let it go. Making a mistake does not demean you. Be happy you found out your mistake. Don’t compound it. Sack cloths and ashes went out of style a long time ago.

Always in life, you are to move on. You move on from low points, and you move on from high points. You move on. You don’t harangue anyone including yourself. What? Are you supposed  to put yourself down because you learned something? Maybe your not understanding served the other person as well, and, then, your service was over. This is a daily occurrence.

Don’t think so much, I say to you.  Think less, love more. Love yourself more. Congratulate yourself for learning. Pat yourself on the back. You learned something. You are a human being who learns. Learning is progress. And you progress. And sometimes you make progress fast, and sometimes you make progress slowly. The thing is that you make progress. Life on Earth is not a science, beloved. It is an art, and you are becoming an artist of life. This is wonderful.

Artists do not paint perfectly the first time, and yet they paint. Composers may not compose perfectly. Human beings may not live perfectly in their own eyes or in the eyes of others. And those who judge themselves or others do not judge perfectly either. You look for a crime where there is none. Rather, a misdemeanor.

In the world, everything is changing. The rules are changing. You are not to expect perfection from yourself or any other. In the world, what is perfection today already isn’t perfection tomorrow. Yet, at the same time, from My vantage, everything is perfect. Everything is perfectly as it is. Even errors are perfect in their moment. Even the unwanted is perfectly unwanted.

Be good to yourself. Be good to others. Be forgiving. A dropped stitch in knitting is a dropped stitch. It is not a crime. Even if you commit a crime, you see it as necessary and, therefore, not a crime. Later, if you are sorry, be sorry, and then move on.

You are learning to let the past go and move on.

Selection from ‘The Unfoldment’ by Neil Kramer

Thanks to The Galactic Free Press.

Delaying fundamental inner work until another time is a common practice. It can be tempting to falsely supplant doing the inner work (particularly dealing with emotional patterning), with the arrival of a particular event or achievement. When I get that new job. When we move to France. When I lose 30 lbs. When the kids leave home. When I find the perfect partner. “Then I’ll be ready!” If and when these events do occur, another event is summoned up to once more project the time for self-examination into the future. When I’ve retired. When I’ve read the complete works of Shakespeare. When I’ve got $250,000 in the bank. When I’ve learned to play the glockenspiel. And so the years roll on. This is untruthful. The time for the inner work is always now.

Continued deferment of the organic unfoldment of one’s spirit eventually results in a significant diminishment of self-esteem. The void sucks it out of people. Buried deep within the subterranean caverns of the psyche, a little voice repeats, “You are not following your true path.” This is the most terrifying murmur conceivable. To drown out these fateful tones, a persistent and sizeable over-riding pain is required. And this is exactly what people create, albeit subconsciously, by maintaining a highly dysfunctional element in their lives. It usually takes the form of a relationship, but it can take other forms, too, such as a particular environment, ongoing manipulated dramas, magnetized ill-fortune, or a psycho-somatically induced disorder.

With the dysfunction in place, all the resentment, anger, and pain that have accumulated from years of spiritual renouncement can be channeled into the object of dysfunction—the bitch, the bastard, the chaos, the pointlessness, the sickness, the soulless job, the evil empire. This distorted logic gives license for heedless self-indulgence.

This is perhaps the most insidious avoidance technique, and it can have ruinous consequences. As Nietzsche observed, “He who despises himself nevertheless esteems himself as self-despiser.” This gives a further insight into the mechanics of this ritual self-harming.


Why Are We Here?

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

We’re here to raise this planet’s vibration, and we aren’t about to give up on our efforts. The strength of our collective force is growing by the day, and as long as we remain committed to the tasks at hand, we’ll achieve them without question.

We’re here to transform the manner in which this planet’s run and reintroduce fairness and sustainability by taking everyone’s needs into account. We’re here to make sure everyone’s able to experience the comfort and peace of mind they deserve, and if we want to do this, it’s very important that we start getting to work.

Every seeker who’s become aware of the reality of their existence is here to change things in a positive way, and as long as we remain focused and committed to the tasks at hand, we’ll inevitably achieve our goal. As long as we constantly remind ourselves that we’re here on a very real and sacred mission, we’ll be able to handle the tasks before us with relative ease. Read the rest of this entry

Former Fox, Warner Bros and NBC TV Boss; Ex-Disney Head; Broadway/Universal Studios Producer named in Hollywood ‘Pedophile Ring’

Garth Ancier is a media executive best known for being one of only two people to have programmed three of the five US broadcast television networks.

Note from Stephen Cook: Here we go…more names, as predicted. Yet I reckon this is just the beginning of the end for the Hollywood’s’hidden’ sexual abuse of children. Watch for this to tip over into the music industry, too.

By Michael Idato, SMH.com – April 22, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/lrbs39v | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Garth Ancier is a media executive best known for being one of only two people to have programmed three of the five US broadcast television networks.

The 31-year-old man who last week sensationally named Hollywood heavyweight producer Bryan Singer in a child sex lawsuit has filed three more civil lawsuits against powerful Hollywood figures.

The three named today are former 20th Century Fox television boss Garth Ancier, former Disney television boss David Neuman and Broadway producer and Universal and Six Flags theme park designer Gary Goddard. Read the rest of this entry

Higher Self via April Bender: HS Brief – You’ve Now Entered the Most Auspicious Period of the April 2014 Gateway

aprilHigher Self: HS Brief – You’ve Now Entered the Most Auspicious Period of the April 2014 Gateway, channeled by April Bender, April 21, 2014 at http://aprilsairings.blogspot.co.uk | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

This is just a quick update to confirm that yes, as of yesterday you and the Collective Higher Mind crossed the threshold into the more auspicious period (April 20-26) of this larger April 2014 Gateway and/or window of catalytic opportunity.

You experienced this palpably yesterday, as on an energetic level it felt like you were being softly encompassed and then gently lifted by the first substantial wave or inundation of Unity/Christ Consciousness as it moved throughout the entire 5D-7D Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life.

This wave or cascade of higher harmonics unleashed, seemingly thrust you upwards – way up, into a higher state and/or elevation of being, integration and flow. Like the eagle soaring high above in the sky, this grand movement or light induction has gifted you and other Warriors of Light, a much greater field of vision and space for unhindered, joyful co-creative flight. Read the rest of this entry


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