Rick Keef: Thoughts on Higher-Dimensional Beings and Responsibility (Freewill and Divine Intervention)

Written by Rick Keef
January 11, 2012
Thoughts on Higher-Dimensional Beings and Responsibility

I understand that many people who examine the information on extra-terrestrials and extra-dimensional beings may get upset when it appears to them that higher dimensional beings have neglected their responsibility to lower dimensional beings like us on Earth, until they realized that there would be some jeopardy to themselves in the future (this, according to Alex Collier.)

However, I can understand how universal cosmic law may be a bit more complex, since free will, freedom of choice and learning through experience complicate matters.
 It is my understanding that we as souls have chosen to incarnate here on Earth and in the third-dimensional realms to gain enlightenment (and higher vibration) by being presented with various situations in our past, current and future lifetimes in order to raise our light and sound vibrational energies.
If these experiences are withheld from us by well-meaning higher vibrational beings, are they doing us a service or dis-service?
The cause of most of our collective suffering comes from our lack of responsibility to love ourselves fully. We are each responsible for ourselves, and as parents, we also agree to take responsibility for teaching our children to love themselves fully, and to help prevent them from injury until such time as they can be responsible for their own safety. However, we are not responsible for their actions or the actions of other beings, or their destinies, or the incidents which may occur to them, unless it is through our neglect and abandonment of our basic responsibility to teach them to love themselves fully and to protect them until they can protect themselves.
Each of us is solely responsible for our own self.
Each of us must come to realize that we are always connected with the Great Spirit, God, All That Is, the Universal Spirit, or whatever you want to call that Divine Light. This is the responsibility of each individual.
Three-dimensional experience is likely one of the lowest vibration rates in the universe. This space of existence is slow, dense, and base, but it gives us the opportunity to really focus on LOVE and all our responsibilities as an experiencing being for The Divine Spirit to experience Itself through each one of us, giving the Divine Spirit another unique vantage in which to experience Itself.
The complexities arise as to where and when and how the responsibilities to teach children to love themselves fully and protecting them intersect with allowing them their free will to live and learn through their own choices.
However, when systems begin to decay so much through generations and aeons of choices that turn away from love, a matrix of decay may become so prevalent with violations that the opportunities for learning self-love and making free will choices become nearly completely restricted. This may be when higher- dimensional beings and the Divine Itself take action to re-balance the space (in this case third-dimensional reality) to allow the functions of that space to be regained. 
A school is not much of a school if it is burned to the ground.
A crib is not a crib if it is torn asunder.
A flower can not bloom if the seed is destroyed.
At this point in space and time, it may be that higher dimensional beings and the Divine Spirit have also begun to vibrate at frequencies which we may interpret as finally coming to our aid. Maybe their intervention is coming in the form of showering down upon us love through Higher Light and Sound, so that this three-dimensional stage is re-balanced.
The universe (and multi-verse) is quite complex, and I am trying to grasp these complexities as best as I can from my perspective. I still have so, so, so, so much to learn.
I just thought I’d share this viewpoint because I thought that maybe we should not judge the higher dimensional beings so harshly since we do not completely understand the cosmic laws, understanding and complexities that they may be having to deal with in assisting us.
   Peace and Love to All,



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