It’s Now August 4 in Hawaii!!! (and in the entire US)

Note from Wes: Happy birthday dear Obama!! If only he could use take a well deserved break on this day. If only!

If you see any UFOs or Galactic-looking craft flying above and/or landing in your backyard, you may want to let your local news programs know.

Or, call the White House and wish President Obama, “Happy 51st Birthday”.

Or, call the Queen and wish her “Happy Disclosure Deadline Day, Your Highness.”

In any event, Let’s enjoy this day!!

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About Wes Annac

I am a twenty year old awakening spiritual writer/blogger who seeks to serve the planetary awakening.

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  1. *crickets*

  2. A friend and I were video chatting today. I’m in West Hollywood, CA and he’s in Mexico City. He showed me on his phone some strange object in the sky, moving in and out of the clouds, up, down sideways, all around. It was dark and pulsing, blinking. Then another appeared below it. We watched this for 10 or 15 minutes. Very unusual

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