Our Galactic Family with Pleiadian Wes Annac, April 29, 2012

Graham Dewyea presents Our Galactic Family with Pleiadian Wes Annac April 29, 2012

My guest this week is Wes Annac from the planet Erra, who in his first interview, will talk about the Pleiadians, what it’s like being an awakened 18 year old Starseed on earth, walk-ins, different concurrent timelines of earth, the rising of Atlantis, what his home planet is like, what the new earth will be like, the Norway Spiral, how the transition of earth is kick starting the Ascension of the entire universe, working with ancient civilizations, the cat/tiger people, the importance of sending love and light to the dark, holographic simulators, Project Blue Book and more.

Our Galactic Family airs Sundays, 5:00pm Pacific time, 8:00 p.m. Eastern time:


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About Wes Annac

I am a twenty year old awakening spiritual writer/blogger who seeks to serve the planetary awakening.

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  1. This is wonderful news Wes! I look forward to listening to your interview! I know it will be a great experience for you and help further your Divine purpose here and now on our precious earth amongst all beings of all kingdoms!

    Many Blessing and much Love, Francine!

  2. You are AMAZING. We will ALL be there with you my Dear Friend. ♥

  3. You ROCK! Very proud of you!

  4. Just listened to the show Wes! Well done my friend! Expressive, articulate and full of loving compassion sharing your knowledge of humanity’s historical ascension and all its unfoldments….Namaste, Francine!

  5. You did a great job on the interview! I appreciated your advice to the “older” generation to listen to the younger ones.

    I have put my desire out to the Universe to create an “Uncreate” device the size of a camera. It is my desire to drive around during the clean up process of Gaia and point it at ugly buildings and cement roadways and click and have them disappear. :)

    And so it is.

  6. Thank you very much Wes for sharing your knowledge and experience. Blessings from Western Australia.

  7. The interview was wonderful! Thank you so much. You made many things clear for me.

  8. Oh that was a GREAT interview Wes! You made it easy to understand and it was very well done. It flowed with intelligence and truth. ♥ Thank you.

  9. Wes, that was fantastic! You’re a natural, of course… ;D
    So please tell us all how we can download and save the recording, if that’s possible, please please…?
    (I’m so happy for you and everyone who got to – or will get to – hear it!)
    in love & light, Leslee

  10. “Great Cast you guys! Thanks Wes for all the info you gave. I was really comforted by the Indigo discussion you guys had in the beginning cuz I had never realized it, but compiling all my traits ever since I was a little boy up till now in the 26 years I’ve been here, I’d really have to consider myself a part of that bunch. Even though a lot of us aren’t together I’ve always and still do feel wicked lonely a lot of the time and even more so after my awakening in 2008…everything was so different after that. The world was new and beautiful and great but I found that although people really loved me and I was surrounded by so many great (and not so great lol) people, I had a lot of trouble relating to them, even family. I’m really happy to know now that this is just part of being who we are and I’ll continue to do the work that I try to do everyday so we all can have one major lift off : ) Thanks a lot and I really appreciate everything you guys do ”

    – I left this post on the blog site but I really wanted you to see it Wes…thanks again brudda!

  11. ~Well Done!…The Hour Zoomed By So Fast!…I Am Really Impressed by Ur Calm Voice and Highly Articulate Conversation that Took Place…Congrats!…May Doors Open Further…(By Now,You Can Create a Book/e-Book)… ;) ~

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