Konstantinos-Photos of Cloud Ships

Hi all. Here are the links of some of my Cloud Ship photos from 2011 and 2012.




Much Love and Appreciation.

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About kp40

My name is Konstantinos. I'm from Greece and I'm a student of the School of Fine Arts. Since I've awakened I do the best I can to serve the Light. Hopefully I'm not alone in this and for that I have to thank every Lightworker around the world. Love and Light to all. My blog: http://awakeningtothedivine.wordpress.com/ My other blog where I post only my personal work: http://konstantinoslightwork.wordpress.com/ On Skype you can find me as Konstantinos Petrocheilos

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  1. Thank you for sharing dear friend :) :) :)

  2. My pleasure Wes. Much Love to you dear friend.

  3. I have been taking photos of cloudships for some time now. Going back through my collection of photos I have found pictures of cloudships as far back as 2007. I live in Reno, NV now and in the last few months I have seen massive fleets of cloudships!! Quite an amazing site! ;D
    I have over a hundred pictures posted so far, and many more to still post. If you’d like to view them just copy and paste this into your address bar:

    • Jenna, Your cloud ship pictures are Excellent! I am totally amazed! I too have been taking cloud pictures for the past 3 years, and now I am going to have to go look at them to see if any are ships. All of them caused feelings of exhilaration when I took them, so maybe I have ships and don’t even know it. lol

      Thanks for your wonderful pictures!!!!!! Debbie

      • Oh I’m so glad you enjoyed my photos, Debbie! I experienced the same thing you have. Before I realized what cloudships were, I would see a cloud in the sky and just feel something special about it. The feeling usually urged me to take a photo of it. After learning of cloudships I had to go through my old photos and found numberous photos of cloudships that I didn’t even know I had, lol!!

        Let me know if you find anything of interest! :)

  4. Good Morning,
    I am sorry but how do you know that these clouds are ship and not…. clouds?

  5. I don’t want to offend instead I kindly ask you to show me how can I see ships in the skies; how can I know and see wheather this is a cloud or a cloudship… or do I interpret something completly wrong, since my native language is not English? Namaste, Philipp

  6. Philipp, no one should be offended by you wanting to learn and gain knowledge . . I certainly am not. : ) Click on the link I provided above and look through my photos of cloudships. Cloudships are very distinctive from normal clouds.They have a very smooth surface, rather than puffy normal clouds. They are also in the shape, or many shapes, of a ship. However, I do have photos of cloudships with what are clearly faces in them, usually smiling at me. ;D It is also something you must feel. When you look up to the sky and your jaw drops in bewonderment and your heart starts beating faster filled with love, you’ve just seen a cloudship! Hope this helps!! :D

  7. Philipp the answer of dear Jenna, is what I’d also give you.
    Thank you Jenna for the great answer and your wonderful photos.
    Much Love and Light.

  8. Oh you’re welcome kp40 . . and thank you :D
    Light & Love to you!!

    • Dear friends, thank you very much for your help. I will now have a closer look at the cloudy sky here in Switzerland :o) Much light & love, Philipp

    • Dear Jenna,

      I have just taken a photo from my first possible cloudship but I would be glad if you could check my photo. Would it be possible that I send it to you? Maybe Wes could provide you with my email address. I couldn’t find out on your webside how to contact you. Thank you.

  9. Oh how wonderful, Philipp!! I would love to take a look at your photo! You’re right, I didn’t realize it, but I guess you have to be a member of The Federation of Light in order to contact another member. That may be something of interest to you, though. The Federation of Light is full of wonderful loving people, and a wealth of knowledge as well. You may benefit from joining. I know I have not only met some of the most incredible people through that site, but I have also learned so much through their shared wisdom!!
    However, if Wes could possibly send us each other’s e-mail addresses that would be wonderful!

    Wes Annac or kp40 – would this be possible please?

    Blessed be, Light & Love to all!!
    ~ Jenna

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